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Fans are Now Unscannable yet in Codex


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Good morning,

I have been having trouble getting my codex entry for Objects > Fan completed. I've tried several fans on several tilesets, and now think I've discovered the issue.


On the above thread, it seems that there was call to remove a "bar" that would still be both visible and scannable after the initial fan was destroyed; further testimonies also reveal that destroying or bullet jumping through the bar would cause additional fan debris to explode in the air.

I'm guessing that when the bar was "fixed," or removed, that the bar was actually an additional fan that had some sort of incorrect coding dimensions squished into a bar form. Now that that "fan" is gone, we no longer have any fans to scan.

Could someone please look into this, fix the fan or remove the codex entry?


Thank you very much
A Tenno

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