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PS4 Fortuna update some minor graphics hickups and bugs :-)


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1. In the Fortuna elevator as you going up (or down) I was impressed the first time seeing on the sides it has a couple of "holes" showing the rocks moving helping understand the elevator's motion. Too bad its not working as intended all the time... meaning that some times it just shows a black or white flat surface (black on the one side of the elevator and white on the other) while other times it shows the rocks with a strange "pulsing" black array of lines (appearing and disappearing at 45° angle). Its not all the times glitched, but most of the times and it doesn't seem to have anything if you are host or not, so its kind of random.

Minor graphics glitch


2. In some "fortress" areas with many doors and/or that small "prison" mission small building, there are times when I am passing through them (doors) fast (very fast?) it bugs me falling under the map and after a while it teleports me back to the center of the map just outside the Fortuna's elevator. Its not that happening every single time or in every mission but it did happened to me 3 times in a single bounty while in an other bounty didn't happened at all. But yesterday it happened a few times.

Somewhat annoying bug 


3. While browsing around in Orb Vallis with my K-drive, suddenly dying without an obvious cause and having the bleed-out timer on, I was still up and able to run with my warframe as usual towards my teammates (for a quick revive) but I couldn't use weapons and abilities (obviously) and while I still have around 8 seconds left on my bleed-out counter my warframe die out of the blue with no apparent reason. Happened a number of times.

Somewhat annoying bug


4. Once, I got off my K-drive only to have it follow me around (was moving around my legs), not been able to interact with it / use it again and also unable to interact with anything else in the map (hacks/collect loot like ayatan stars/etc). If I remember right I switched to operator to resolve this issue (or did I use /unstuck ? I don't remember, yesterday I used /unstuck command in some instances).

It was fun to have a "pet" K-Drive following me around everywhere I went.


5. Also a couple of times, I had no full HUD: like missing the weapons or/and sentinel info while in a mission, loosing the targeting system, also the usual (random?) bug to not be able to use abilities, switch to operator and fire weapons, or if in bleed-out state unable to end it and revive myself (by pressing the O button). Falling into water usually does the trick (or if I recall right /unstuck command fixed it when I was away from lake or ponds). The last one - unable to use weapons/abilities - is a bug we have for quite some time, not really related with Fortuna update itself.

Minor graphics or gameplay bugs



Those are some little bugs I encountered while I was playing yesterday at Orb Vallis (there might be more but I don't remember them right now). I don't think they are game breaking bugs for me at least, I just wanted to give a small feedback for the Fortuna update.

Keep the amazing work you are doing.

Thank you

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