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MOA's pathfinding makes them unusable


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I built my first MOA tonight, and excitedly I geared up for a spy mission to test it's hacking precept out, well, things didn't go great for the MOA.

First of all it got stuck on EVERYTHING, running into walls, barrels, even getting stuck on the floor itself somehow and running in place.

If a hackable object was on the other side of a wall, it would run full steam ahead into the wall and never budge from it until I hacked the object myself that it was locked onto.

So I decided to test my MOA in combat instead, after 3 spy missions with the same result of the MOA tripping over everything within 5 miles, sadly the MOA was unable to handle a basic defense map like hydron. Again it was getting stuck on everything it could possibly get stuck on, it was like being followed by a MR 1 player who was just blasted drunk and falling asleep at the controls.

The MOA's pathfinding definitely needs improvement, as they are now I can't see a reason to ever use one, it's just too unreliable when your pet is never with you because it's busy getting stuck on an object until you get far enough for it to teleport and find something else to get stuck on.

Additionally the MOA pet needs to take a cue from the jumping MOAs in the orb vallis and learn to leap over objects to keep up with the player.

As is I just find myself wishing I could put the hacking precept on my Helios or Carrier. Soon as I've wrung out the mastery rank points I plan to shove my MOA in into the closet and leave it there until it gets patched enough to keep up with me in missions and not bumble around.

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