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Sugatra on secondary

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This is by all means purely cosmetic but I would love to be able to attach sugatra to grip of secondary weapon.

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3 hours ago, peterc3 said:

When would you ever see it?

I suppose this reminds me of this goofy gimmick



The Mauser C96 has a lanyard ring at the bottom of the handle.
It's seen in Chinese drama depicting world war 2 period soldiers strapping a piece of red cloth to it kind of a carried over tradition from melee weapons.
Looks hilarious to me.


But on pistol that has a magazine well at the bottom of the grip this might become an issue, 
unless it is alike browning hi power with the grip ring feature as well.
Still not going to be very practical since while reloading there is high chance a cord or even worse a cloth will jam up the magazine well.


Maybe revolvers might have better cosmetic since older design firearms were meant to be used on horseback
and a lanyard was sort of a standard, Some police force uses revolver for attaching cord to secure the weapon as well.

This is a Webley and is sort of up until WW2 period, so cavalry were a thing when this thing is designed.



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