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heavy gunners on poe wielding grattlers..


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Tusk Heavy Gunners use scaled down grattlers as a primary weapon, but if you get close and allow them to change weapon, they will pull out a Kohmak, which is actually pretty deadly. 

we will be able to wield our Archguns in "atmosphere mode" in Fortuna Part 2, and some enemies will be given this ability as well to level the playing field.

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6 hours ago, BiancaRoughfin said:

@(PS4)teacup775 You are senile and forgot they always did.

or they were dead before i bothered to look. i usually have the minimap covering most of the “action”, since aiming plays suuuch an important roll in this game.. because it requires skill. 😉

had a sniping challenge. never noticed before and only because ‘tuna2 will sport them.

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