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Loos all rewards after eidolon hunting


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Already twice after I and my team completed the Eidolon hunting mission, I lost all rewards and loot. The remaining players received all the awards in full. In this case, I collected a group and was the host of the game.
Very unpleasant situation. Hopefully DE will fix this bug soon. If you need logs or other information - I will gladly provide it.

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There is a problem where if the host have 5 deaths and no lives, games want to fail with no rewards. Worst: if this happens the first time, this no reward bug might repeat again without 5 deaths, so reset it by going to orbiter.


Host disadvantage bug. Try to be the client, not host, if you think you might have 5 deaths and no lives. Or just survive to prevent 5 deaths. The hosting player just need to survive.


Regular bounties do save some rewards and save Cephalon Simaris Standing at the end of each bounty steps. Eidolon hunting mission does not save anything, until returned to Cetus.

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