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Zenistar + Razorwing Bug


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Quick bug report this time.  When throwing out the Zenistar disk as Titania and then hopping into Razorwing, the disk looses all of its mods.  It will loose all range, deal base damage, and not have elemental combos put on the weapon and just do fire damage.  This is not an exalted weapon bug, as I checked with Mesa, Excal Umbra, and Valkyr, and this bug is not present on them as the Zenistar will still deal full damage, damage types, and range, matching the mods equipped.

As a theory, I tested changing the mods on the Diawata to see if the Zenistar was just using it's mods, but adding/changing the mods on the Diawata did not affect the Zenistar disk, so it's not because she has two exalted weapons, per say.  So I'm guessing because Titania is entering Archwing mode it's turning off the mods of the Zenistar for some reason.

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