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Warframe Idea: Carrion 2.0 - The Re-disgustinationing


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So, here is my idea for a Warframe, Carrion, the... Carrion/Carcass Warframe.


General ability ideas:
Something to do with eating corpses to "Bulk up", as if a maggot eating food to grow into its adult form
Something to do with the FLIES themselves
Some kind of swarm abilities or something
Passive: DoT immunity or Carrion releases a Gas cloud when his shields drop

idea for general gameplay: Carrion would constantly lose HP until he can get some kind of stack to 100%, where in he stops draining health.

Current "Abilities"
First ability: Carrion throws either a chunk of his own flesh at the enemy, pukes out flies, or something similar.

Second: The most Polished ability; Engorge: Has a stack mechanic, Carrion is "Starving" at 0 stacks, which causes him to lose HP, until he can get enough stacks, say 10, the HP drain will stop
It will also give him HP, make him more powerful, and may even increase his max energy/HP pool, i'm not sure yet.

Third: Cocoon? Chrysalis? Some kind of ability to Unlock his 4'th ability, Carrion would start out in a "Juvenile" or "Larval" stage before using his Third ability, it would expend all his Engorge stacks, but give him major buffs, Carrion becomes immobilized for a second, then emerges in a "adult" form of some kind.

Fourth: No idea, Swarm of lifestealing flies? 

The main idea of Carrion is to be a race against time, a constantly starving ravenous Warframe, critique is appreciated, as well as better polishing ideas for his abilities.



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I feel like your cocoon is a really cool idea, but I feel like it should just be a little more simpler like, he goes into a cocoon, and he regenerates in their and gets an attack buff when he comes out. As for the fourth ability, I like the Swarm of lifestealing flies.

I think Vay Hek would be the most fond of this particular frame.



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