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Drunkard frame (very basic idea)


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don't think i've ever made a frame concept before so please bear with me

name, stats. ability names  and whatever can be handled by D.E., fans etc

passive ability Plastered - bar fills up as you imbibe causes enemy attacks to occasionally miss do to drunkard's increasing  erratic movements (the more the bar is filled the more often attacks will miss)

ability 1 imbibe - switches flasks and drinks from them gaining a different buff or buffs depending on which flask was imbibed from (think ivara's quiver but as a selection self buffs rather than a selection of arrows)

ability 2 shots - throws currently selected flask at enemies/allies giving debuffs/buffs (based off of buffs from first ability i.e. flask gives attack damage/speed to self when drank, gives same or percentage of damage/speed buff to allies after hitting them with the flask from "imbibe", when thrown at enemies flask does small damage on contact with enemy and shatters causing damage/speed decrease) maybe liquid in flasks also increases elemental damage to enemies covered in the contents of flask

ability 3 (havn't come up with a third ability) -

ability 4 drunken master- activates a toggled "drunken" state that increases stats greatly and switches to an unarmed fighting style that drains your "plastered" bar rather than energy thus requiring you to keep imbibing to keep buffs and/or exalted fists active but have tendency to stumble around and fall over sometimes


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