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Baro santa


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10 minutes ago, kevekev302 said:

What do you guys want baro clause to bring for christmas?

Despair. After more than 3 years of getting bullied by the Stalker I'm beginning to loathe this weapon (got several copies on smurf though...makes the mocking even greater).

But well, Baro will never have this weapon...so, sigh

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47 minutes ago, kevekev302 said:

primed hornet strike

heh, don't get your hopes up. people do this every time: they assume that just because it's near a holiday, that Baro is gonna bring all the good stuff; then when he only brings trash everybody gets disappointed. seen it many, many times.

not a Kavat on Pluto's chance we're getting a primed version of another damage mod, but new weapons are always nice. I'd like a Prisma Opticor or Ogris Wraith personally, but hyping up for Baro is pretty pointless. he brings what he brings and a week without goodies is more ducats for the next time.

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It is a peculiar cicle. Every time it is a holiday or an anniversary, we expect something new and awesome from Baro. And every time Baro somehow fails to please everyone. Remember pistol Bane mods?

I will keep an eye for outrage threads with “Mesa Prime access, it had to be Primed Hornet Strike or another NEW pistol mod!” and will count how many times “slap in the face” will be used ;).

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