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Naming my first Zaw... DISAPPOINTED!!!


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So I'm a fan of Joss Whedon's Buffy: The Vampire Slayer (1997) for many reasons most notably being one THE best TV shows I've seen.
But I digress I named my first Amp Grenade Launcher 'Boomer' after a certain Battlestar Galactica character (Side note I'm bad at naming things), and I wanted to call my first Spear Zaw 'Mr. Pointy,' It being one of Buffy's most powerful tools of Slaying (It's not), but I CAN'T cuz It's listed as "Profane" for some reason.
Then I tried calling it 'SHAME OF D.E.' botched again for the same reason.
After a bit of effort, I've named my first Zaw 'DEs SHAME' but I couldn't put the " ' " character so It's grammatically incorrect, and it turned out as "DES SHAME' apparently casing doesn't work either.
So DE, I'm going to work to make this one of the best weapons in my ARSEnal.
For shame DE.

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