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Thanks For Watching Prime Time #228!


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Thanks for tuning in!


Platinum Winners:



Chroma Prime Access Winners: 

Legendary Core Winners:

Fan Art Recap



Captura the Battle Contest Winners:


See you next week!

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Megan, you promised us 3 weeks ago that we'd get a picture for a twitch drop. We didn't get anything. The following week, you apologized and promised us an entire Picture Package to make up for it. We still got nothing.  And with this last stream, I didn't catch what you promised we'd get this time, but I didn't get anything.  And I'm fully aware that my accounts are linked fine because I keep getting the cheesy 7.5k credits and glyphs like crazy from watching Twitch streamers.  You guys really need to up the ante if you really want people watching. 200 Oxium or something actually useful.  7.5k credits is essentially worthless and so is a glyph. Rather than a glyph, give us a picture drop. Since it takes like 9-15 of those things to actually make a full image out of anything, that would actually be a useful drop and it's still purely cosmetic so it costs you nothing. Or give us the decorations like an Orokin Cell decoration. Things like that cost you guys nothing, it's not a boost to the player and you charge WAY too much plat for that crap for any of us to really pay for it anyway. It's obscene to charge 40 platinum for a small toy for my Kubrow to play with. 

But more importantly, you've lost the trust of the community right now. You've repeatedly promised Twitch drops during your streams and yet they don't arrive. You promise make-up drops and those never arrive. What's going on here???  And what are you going to do about it???

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