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I love the new conservation system/mini-game.  But it still has some bugs that need working out (no pun intended) and what is most desperately needed is VARIETY.  I have enough "Sunny" Pobbers, and "White Breasted" Virmink and "Spotted" Bollarola's to fill my landing craft.  I get it that the other types are rare, but the percentages are WAAAAYYY off.  There are 3 varieties of each.  I think it's crap enough that you put an entire species completely out of reach until you reach MAX RANK with a brand new "syndicate". But to then make it nye impossible to collect anything outside of these "common" varieties within those species is just insult to injury.  Out of 10 collections of Pobbers, only ONE is not a Sunny... that's not right.  And it's about the same if not worse for the other types.  You SERIOUSLY need to increase the chances of the other varieties DE.  And I've checked to see if there's a correlation between the temperature and even location and there isn't one.  On that stretch of 10 Pobbers, it changed temperature 3 times and I covered 2/3 of the map.   I'm tired of having a love/hate relationship with this system.  I'd rather just have a "love" relationship with it. 

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