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health and shield for rank 30 and a rank 6 warframe were reset to rank one stats


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so i was playing warframe yesterday with a friend and i decided to rank up my trinity prime because it was not maxed yet. after i swapped i looked at the health and it was low but thought nothing by it because my trinity prime wasn't a very high rank so i upgraded my redirection and did a mission. when i came back and went to use my volt again, to my surprise it's health that was once about 300 and shield that was about 700 became 85 and 202. at first i thought this could have been a minor bug so i tried removing my mods and adding them again but it didn't work. i then proceeded to try restarting the game a few times which didn't work so i tried doing a mission to test if it had actually changed my health and shield but it displayed as 85 and 202 while i proceeded to get one shot. at the current time i'm not sure if it affected my weapons but it is possible. also i tried ranking up trinity prime but it didn't affect the health at all, at least that i can see. i attached pictures so you can see, the first one is from yesterday while the other two are today's.
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