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Grineer pets


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With the Fortuna update we got MOA pets; a befitting companion for a Corpus open-world map. I think this pet trend should continue and the next Grineer open world map should include Grineer “pets” that are cloned via incubation sacks. A vendor would offer various incubation sacks and genetic codes to aid in a players creation of their ideal Grineer. The incubation sacks will determine the stats/attributes of the Grineer while the genetic codes will determine the looks of the Grineer pet.


In all seriousness, I do realize this is a silly idea; and yes, i will admit that this is partly a joke. BUT... I genuinely want to be able to grow Grineer pets because I want to create the ugliest, most disgusting, Grineer abomination that I can. It seems like a crazy idea at first; but once you think about it, it is so crazy it just might work...





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