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Fix the goddamn Host Migration


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Especially in Index, i can never stay in a index mission unless my teammates choose to stay as well. Always getting stuck with a red border flashing and my dead body in front of me with not #*!%ing control whatsoever. I'm sorry for having this attitude right, but goddamn it, this problem is going on for about a half a year already and it happens every goddamn time. I know that I could have extracted or played solo, but i've already done those two maps for way too long to have the patience to them solo anymore or wait for the loading screen every #*!%ing time because #*!%ing limbo or excalibur cannot deal with level 60 enemies.


Edit: I don't even care about those limbos or excaliburs, i just wish to be able to remain in the Index mission (and be able to play) after they decide to extract.

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