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How I fix my broken chat .(No guarantee)


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Are you troubled by the legendary broken chat ? (Blue rotating circle , no connection , pure loneliness . etc) Here is how I fix my chat by accident !

Link to the cure : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsaslWKo-0w

Have faith in TNYM ! Do as the video show you ! Also I would like you to keep in mind that this may or may not work (at least it work for me) so don't blame me if it doesn't I'm only sharing my experience .

What may happen after this :

-Your chat may still remain the same after a few login . (Mine has return to how it's suppose to be after 2 days of login)

-This method might not work

-Unstable chat (turn back to normal and then back to broken the next login)


So that's basically what's supposed to happen after the method . 

If this method did not work for you , I am sorry , that's all i can do to help . (Do comment down below whether it work or not !)

Also I do now know how this work , my chat just turn out to be fine after I fix the "Failed to connect to matchmaking service" issue

Best of luck !!!:thumbup:


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