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The "Precision Munition" mod


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TL;DR please change the accuracy bonus on Precision Munition to a 50% reload rate bonus and let us use it in PvE.

The poor, poor Tonkor. Despite being whacked with the nerf bat pretty hard, it's still my favorite weapon. Unfortunately, not only does it sport a terrible 0.75 riven disposition (despite being a pretty unpopular weapon these days), but it's actually broken at the moment, too.

Presuming the Tonkor's bugs will get fixed, I'd like to draw your (read: DE's) attention to another issue that it has. Ever heard of a mod called Precision Munition? No? I hadn't either. It's a PVP-exclusive augment mod for the Tonkor that adds 100% accuracy and 50% flight speed while reducing the magazine capacity to a single round. It has no mod capacity cost. Hold that thought for a second.

I've been asking for years — literally years, since the mod came out in August 2015 — for the ability to install Depleted Reload on the Tonkor. It would make the weapon a hell of a lot more usable in some situations, particularly in open-world zones. It'd be more fun, too, and immersive, given that the reload animation only shows the Warframe insert one grenade. Nevermind that there's nothing to indicate that the Tonkor should hold two shots. Besides, there's something very satisfying about using a single-shot break-action launcher. Depleted Reload is only for sniper rifles (really, only for the Vectis Prime), but the way I use the Tonkor is not far from the way you use a sniper weapon, regardless.

So, the Tonkor has a 100.0 accuracy, even in Conclave. It's perfectly accurate, like most (all?) launchers. That's great; a critical piece of my play style. However, that means that the bonus accuracy on Precision Munition is useless. What if, instead of providing an accuracy bonus, Precision Munition gave a reload speed bonus? In that case, it would essentially be like having Depleted Reload on the weapon without having to change that mod to some kind of messy unique mod category. Furthermore, it would allow us to remove Terminal Velocity from the weapon, freeing up a precious mod slot. All in all, it'd be a great augment for the weapon. Possibly too good; I wouldn't object to adding a capacity cost to it in Cooperative mode builds.

Alternatively, a Tonkor Wraith or a Vaykor Tonkor (isn't it about time for some more syndicate weapons?) that has some of these effects built-in could be a ton of fun, too.

Let me know what you think in the comments! 

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