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'The Business' Volume Control


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I never thought I'd get as tired of a voice as I have of Ordis in the landing craft.  I'd mute him but I'm afraid he'll be muted when he's finally saying something important, as he has during many of the quest chains.  But "The Business" is actually winning the prize for most annoying.  I love the conservation system, but I HATE having him CONSTANTLY repeat himself.  It's bad enough I have to hear his instructions EVERY time I go back into the Vallis, but he also says the same thing whenever I capture a creature. And he'll repeat the exact same words 3 times in rapid succession when I get all 3 Pobbers.  When I was first learning and practicing how to do conservation, the biggest problem I had was getting him to shut the hell up so that I could hear where the animal was returning my call from.

For the love of sanity, DE... PLEASE give us a volume slider for this guy and/or a mute button!!!

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