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Octavia and Metronome - Off sync


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Welp, where to start?


It randomly happens on client sessions, where I think "the other one having 200ms ping, that might be the issue why I cannot get invisible and die all over again", and others say (btw, I am a guitarist for more than 10 years ... so spare me with that) "I do miss my beat" on my own in rl composed music track. And I start to doubt that this has anything to do with me, the hoster or anything else but the frame being buggy af.


Currently running an infested run, solo. Guess what ... my metronome is off-set by 1-1.5 seconds. I literally cannot sync up my input with the beat-wave. It is annoying. It is game breaking in terms of octavia getting rekt by lv 110 Infested with one hit.


I haven't used Metronome in the past, since Mallet was the OP skill. Combining her skills is quite nice (except for her 2 ... which literally lures enemies and that is it. If the Mallet has zero damage charge, it will lure them around till Mallet or Resonator runs out, which is silly!) if they do work as intended, which they 70% of the time DO NOT and cause some high frustration!

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