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Randomly falling underground while in plains of eidolon/ Unable to descend dargyn


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This happens more often if I use vehicles like k-drive or the grineer dargyn.

I was doing the "Mask of the Revenant" quest, used the k-drive to get to the locatioin, i think i pressed operator mode while on the k-drive, nothing happened instantly but when I exited the k-drive, I started falling, and that's where the video starts.


Another issue with the dargyn is that sometimes I'm unable to descend. Even if I exit the vehicle I become suspended mid-air and will be able to walk and run mid-air but unable to descend to ground-level. If I run to higher ground, I begin to traverse through the ground itself. Pretty annoying, has happened a coupla times. Will try to capture it next time.


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