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Mag's Crush Is Useless Atm


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After the patch where Pull was buffed into this AoE trash-cleaner of untold proportions, Crush is just completely useless now. It costs the same as 4 pulls, it does LESS damage than 4 pulls, leaves you defenceless for a long time, and even does less CC than pull effectively does.

Quite frankly, for crush, the way it is designed now, to be worth 100 energy, it has to do at least twice the current damage, but then it quickly becomes OP. I'd say Crush would do better to be at 50 energy, with the range and damage it has now.

Oh, and Shield Polarize is completely worthless until it's fully ranked atm, needs serious rework. Perhaps making a shield-regenerating/depleting zone that replenishes allies' shields and drains shields of nearby enemies, can be cast just like Bullet Attractor, but at yourself, allies, or enemies. I think this could lead to some interesting gameplay choices, and will give Mag a much more varied skillset, because right now, the only skill worth using is pull, occationally BA. This change would also make SP viable as a rank 4 power imo.

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Crush needs to be a long term aoe cc. create a field around you that pushes enemies into the ground for idk 10 seconds.


Would work really well with pull.


And yeah Shield Polarize should be an area effect as well. (I meant DOT AOE)


Crush-Pull-Shield Polarize-Bullet attract an enemy near your AOE. BAM Bullet attractor's explosion would actually come inhandy.

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