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Stuck on loading screen - Endless loop due to inproper backend response


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After transitioning from a mission/hub area into another hub area/orbiter the game gets stuck on the loading screen.


ProcessExplorer -> kill process.


The game logs errors about not well formed responses from the backend (worldState.php) in the case of relay to orbiter - see here:



I don't have access to the code repository, so my speculation for the cause is as following:

  • The game requests a world state from the backend.
  • The backend responses with a not well formed response.
  • The client doesn't handle the fault and gets stuck without retry.

So there is first an issue that the client doesn't handle faults correctly (as those can always happen, f.e. in case of timeouts or contract changes) and/or there is a problem with worldState.php delivering the requested data in an expected format.


This is just a concrete example. I had numerous other issues with similar outcome over the last months (even in the other direction, joining a game or entering a hub location, entering clan dojo,...), hence there seems to be a general lack of client-side fault handling when it comes to bad responses that result in the game being stuck on loading screen.

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