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Having Some Fun In 2V2


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Hey everyone,


Just wanted to share a video of my clan and I having some fun in the 2v2 map.


All in all, it's incredibly fun to play.

After playing this, my stance on pvp has changed. I would like to see more, as long as it never changes any of the PVE content.

Although, I'm content with just this.


Video is complete with 720p and super advanced, next gen fade effects.


Nothing spectacular, just a video of us having some fun.


Apparently the Youtube tags aren't working, direct link is here - 


This video is also the origin of the elusive infested Rhino.


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I thought the your post seemed familiar. Infested Rhino and such. Glad to see 'hands on' with friends is bring you around although the real tests will come PuGing. If the PvP can't survive contact with pickup players then its missing a big trick that with eventually break it.

The term "kneejerk" remains appropriate for the reaction most folks have when the see the aberration PvP. I think if down the line DE gives us to the tools to restrict and tweek the work of "balancing" could be handed in large part to the community. At the earliest coming up with codes of equipment use and mods. Much like how some clans run duels.

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It's more fun when you take off the dethcubes that S#&$ OP.

My Dethcube did more harm than good.

I realised afterwards that she had no mods on her weapon. :/


Hey Nugget, care to face my Banshee?

I'd love to, as soon as my ISP sorts their S#&$ out.




How you get there? o.o

Hover your mouse over Venus - Fossa.

Press the left arrow key.

Press enter to start

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I want pvp but too much op stuff since it is a pve game. Would be cool if pvp and pve had diff skillsets, well the pvp variants being toned down versions. They already nerfed rhino for pvp so i hope they don't go down that road.



My shadow dispels

^removing dispels from shadow ruined my wow life lol


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