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Greetings and Grofit Contest [Winners Announced!]

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Aucun texte alternatif disponible.

Aucun texte alternatif disponible.

From, Teno Lussians Happy Braum Day !

Traduction of all line in Corpus :

First page : Pull no credits needed

Inside : (up) Happy Braum Day

(down) We all hope you have a nice profits

(middel) We all Give together 


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UHmmm so... yeah... I don't have that much time lately, but...



err... that's my not so serious entry. Cuz you all you people forget about the most important, friendly and handsome man in that game: And that would be Darvo. Obviously!

Also... I was halfway done with the pic when...


Remember that your card must be from Solaris United to the people of Fortuna!


lmao XD This just keeps happening. I take part in a contest and do not read the description.

Well... It's only a joke entry anyway. But I thought I'd upload it anyway 🙂

Wishing y'all happy holidays!!!!!!!!

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Hi tenno, this is my this is a greeting card from someone who knows the real freedom.


On the Corpus price tag we can read "Eudico FB-9".

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hi ummmm, aaahhh is just that it was not till yesterday that i got free from classes due to a teacher and exams, and i please want to ask for a little bit more of time for me to draw the holiday card pleaseeeeee

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Here is my attempt to make a handmade Holiday Card from Solaris United.

I wasn’t sure if Solaris celebrates Christmas or an otherwise called holiday, so the card is quite vague about the name of this holiday. I also tried to type out the message in the Solaris Language with the font and translation key provided in the Fan Site Kit.

The front page was inspired by this design and adapted to the Venus environment. For the inside design used a layered shadow-box-style approach with key elements from Orb Vallis.



It was great fun to make and I hope you will enjoy my submission.

Full Album:


Best regards and Merry Christmas



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eddited my mistakes

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hace 10 horas, (PS4)cris_pintora dijo:

Hi, is my handdrawn submission.  The card is made with paper, pencils and glue.

It is an original creation inspired by the hard work of the workers of fortune, who deserve a rest:

"Workers of Fortuna: We want to give you a gift card that is valid by  a vacation paid in a paradisiacal place for a month so that you can rest from hard work! And meet again all very soon with more courage to explore the valleys of Fortuna!"

Sorry for my English, but my language is Latin American

❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️ 



























link of the images



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