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Dear Tennoclaus,

This year I was quite a good BOI. I neither set a house on fire nor called Nezha a trap. If you want to give me a present, check out my ingame wish list. But if you have become too sluggish through all the cookies and milk, then a forma bundle is enough.




Thanks @trunks013 for the Forma bundle, I'll use it wisely. So, where was my Heatsword again ...

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🎄Hey guys/gals. Merry Christmas and Happy Tennobaum to all!🎄


Platform: Xbox One

Gamertag: Robbo m8

I am very grateful if I receive any of these items! :


Nezha Empyrean Collection

Excalibur Ronin Skin

Frost Harka Bundle

Ember Vermillion Collection

Gara Silica Helmet

Hyekka Gene Masking Kit

Octavia Diva Skin

Vauban Citadel Collection

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I don't really have a story. Medical reasons stop me from doing too much. Can't really work too well, or anything like that. But I can say I have helped my grandmother, who has cancer, with a lot of stuff this year because she was rather weak from chemo. Things like the little amount of yard work I can physically do.

Wishlist for me is pretty normal stuff. Slots, Formas, Potatoes.

As well as Deluxe skins/bundles for any frame other than Chroma, Mag, Nidus, Nova, Oberon, Rhino, and Saryn because I already have those. I know those are expensive, but figured I'd throw them out there. 

I'll try to gift out things if I can, money is kind of tight at the moment. But let's get those milestones.


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Happy Tennobaum everyone!

I don't know if this counts for the story portion but I got married in September and bought a house in October. And also helped renovate my grandparents' old farmhouse to rent out in November.

I'm a simple man, so blue potatoes and forma are what I'm looking for. And the tomatoes if you're really generous (BTW it's Catalysts and Exilus Adapters for those who don't know the lingo).

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Happy Tennobaum fellow Tennos !

#WeAllGiftTogether 🎁

My best story that happen this year to me is that i overcame my autoimmune disease and took my way to dog shelter to help them prepare anti-wind walls for winter and it is where i got my best friend - she went through a broken leg and got titanium replacer. This dog is such an inspiration for me as it struggles as me yet is so badass so i called her Mesa 🙂

My wish is:

- Any kind of corpus noggle like Moa, Bursa, Raptor or the one hyena from Index 😇 i love Corpus robots

- Orokin Cell Decoration, Artisan Pack, Reclamator Pack

- Forma 

I do have Wishlist in-game as well 🙂

IGN: Unicornu

Thank You and have a Happy Snowy 4Tuna time with your friends! 🎣

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  Happy Tennobaum and Merry Christmas!

Dear Mr. SanTenno

I wish for the orb vallis survival collection, featuring the three new orb vallis weapons (I have ultra bad luck for the rare mats from fishing)

IGN- Deshiel

I read that people are helping out communaly a lot, well the only thing I did for others recently was helping as a stand-in actor for our local christmas event a week ago. It was just me posing around as this old magical dude and chanting folklore songs 😄

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Wishlist? Mesa Deluxe/forma/riven slots

Just wanted to shoutout to the fellow gamers who kept Fortuna 69 alive - we all lift (and gift) tgt amirite?

Thanks and merry tennobaum 2018 everyone!

EDIT: Double thanks to @Arachnid-Scorpiones for being generous! Thanks too to @IceColdHawk and @trunks013 for gifts! Have a good one guys 🙂

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My WishList

Chroma Dynasty Collection

Orokin Reactors

Orokin Catalysts


Fortuna Mega Bundle


I have been studying very hard this year to pass all my class at university. i use the time i was going to do Oxium Farm, helping a tenno in his orokin cells farms also i gift a friend (in real life and in game )the parts of cernos prime, and allways try to not scam at trading (this mean i try to give a fair offer for both sides)

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happy TennoBaum probably this story is similar to many, this year exactly as 2 months ago I was in my mother's store I saw a guy was walking a couple of puppies both run after him, when we were closing we saw that the puppies they left them in the door of the store are cornered in the corner of a step and as it started to rain I could not leave them there so I brought them home but they told me that I could not keep them going for 2 weeks until I found someone who could Take care of both since I did not want to separate them. If they give me something, I always appreciate it. I'm from PC. This is my nick.

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Looks like everyone needs a Forma or two, well, who doesn't 😄

BTW, there is an orokin cell decoration? Never heard of it 😓

Merry Tennobaum to all who, like me, help squishy frames get through Sortie missions with a revive or ten 😎

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Happy 2018 Tennobaum!

story time: i rescued a female cat that was pretty hungry, days and days after she started to become more friendly to me, until she gave 5 kittens and became my first cat (3 of the kittens were donated) , the ones i kept with were a siaemese, a black one and the mother, which looked like a black tiger

For my fashionframe (PC) wishlist for this year it will be:

Mandible Sentinel Mask

Thorax Sentinel Tail

Diamond Sentinel wings

Chrysalis sentinel wings

Warframe Slot - Thank You Nullgain!

Orokin Catalyst (3?)

Mech Head Sentinel Mask

Aquarium Vignette-Thanks,LadyAxis!

Embolist Armor Bundle

Deadelus Armor Bundle

Mucusk Syandana

Weapon Slot an unexpected gift, but sure a welcome one

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1 hour ago, JuiceLad said:

It says on the tennobaum page to "gift an item to your in-game friends". Does that mean you NEED to have a tenno on your friends list for the gift to count or will it still count if I gift randoms who aren't on my friends list? I forget how these things work sometimes lol

As long as you know the username of the said person you can type their username into the space to put the name in.

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Hello everybody! Happy TennoBaum!

My wishlist is

Color Palette: Dojo

Color Palette: Eximus

Color Palette: Tenno

Color Palette: Tenno II

Frost Harka Bundle

Slots, Forma, etc. are also of course always welcome.

As for something good I did this year? I helped out one of my relatives that had a stroke for a few days, but I don't really think I deserve anything for just doing the right thing.

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Uh. Hey I need to save $6000 for school so I'm not fixing to spend any money on the game but I've been farming for prime parts and selling like crazy I only got 100 plat and I'll buy a noggle or two for someone if needed. or even warframe slots for them.

I mainly just want affinity, credit, resource boosters. AND WARFRAME/WEAPON SLOTS 

I also really like;

 Tennogen skin for called Equinox Divisa Skin

or just any lil noggle is cute


As for the good thing I've done this year and for the past 10 years. my mother is disabled. and I cook, clean, and help around the house including making dinner for my family and my little brother.

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I helped with a secret class project that got my school on the news (in a good way!).


Wishlist - Anything from my In-game wishlist (You can check that by looking at my profile, there is a wishlist tab there) of which I will emphasize the following:

  • Loki Deluxe Skin Bundle
  • Xiphos
  • Samiya Syandana
  • Centuria Syandana
  • Nyx Immortal Skin
  • Any Orbitor Decorations, don't matter which.
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Happy Tennobaum to all!

Dah-dup Tenno!

I am relatively new to Warframe and I got in to it because my girlfriend loves it. She always yanks and pulls me around on a leash everywhere on missions.

I only do 1-5% damage in missions. She's also really fast and leaves me in the dust. I can't let this happen! Please help!

All I have is Volt, Rhino, and Oberon. I have a meager collection of mods, none of them are riven. I have no prime warframes or weapons.

I would gladly receive any warframes, prime warframes, weapons, prime weapons, mods, or color pallets you may have.

I play on PC and my in-game name is Vandaine.


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For the story bit : Nothing too interesting other than helping my friends out who haven't played Warframe for months and guided them through PoE (when PoE was *kinda* fresh) , andddd thats all.

The gifting part would be a forma bundle or some boosters since Mesa Prime is coming soon hehe.. 

(In-game user is same as Forum name)

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