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all i wish for tennobaum is

iliac syandana
mucusk syandana
nekros irkalla collection
oberon feyarch skin
thorac syandana
manduka set
 warframe slots
any color pallette

ive been good helping my friends alot when they request the help. i really like to help people


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Ok so I have 2 Warframe good deeds and 2 IRL Good deeds. I helped out 13 people after inviting them to my clan and got all them up to at least MR 7. Also started giving away a few prime pieces and blueprints to people who needed them for free a few weeks back. That's the Warframe stuff but in real life I adopted 3 rescue great Danes from a abusive situation and they all are back to good health and are around 176 pounds(each) of love. I also donated a total of over $2,000 to various charities over the whole year when I was able to have enough to donate money and still able to sustain my family.

IGN: R-Delaney(PS4)

My wishlist:

Anything you see on my in-game wishlist (I know there's a lot but I don't need it all, just wanted to give a few options.)

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To all the tenno out there, Happy Tennobaum and Happy Holidays!

In wf I always like to help any people i come across when i can, whether in a pub mission or my clan. I've also have lots of fun gifting to the other tenno i come across.

Some robotics boxes

Any operator fashion

And anything else that gets that gift-o-meter up.

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Happy Tennobaum and happy holidays!

It's my first tennobaum and my first holidays in Warframe :).

I don't have much but I will try to send some gifts.

My wishlist? I don't know - I'm usually buying kavat genetic codes (and stuff needed for breeding kavats) and decorations for my orbiter. 

This year... I managed to help other people as much as I could - in my college and on Internet. I tried to spread positivty and good words.

also, ign: Sheribonbon

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IGN: Stocktigon

Platform: PC


Ivara Youkai Tennogen? Can you even gift those?

Slots of all kinds


Whatever people feel like, it's just a fun time of year!


Christmas Story: We have a giving tree at church for those families that may need a little extra help and I was able to grab one for a 14 year old boy who loves videogames. My wife and I decided best on a giftcard. My hope is that he will spend it on Tennogen in Warframe...we shall wait and see. Happy Tennobaum!

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I look forward to this event every year though this year is different I have been saving at least +1k plat to spend on players like you good tenno that needed help in game I also been just farming gifts for ingame charity like my friend Manic_Mutt who told me he would like to get a nova prime and mag prime so I been working day and night farming relics and prime gear just to get him one if not both of those for the main reason of him being the many if not top place best friends I got in this game. so if I could ask for anything in return for this tennobaum I would like any of the following gifts Plus some friends to go with them.

Orokin catalysts (blue potatoes)

color pallets on wishlist: Orokin, lotus, corpus, tenno 1&2

deluxe skin on my wishlist: Banshee soprana (bundle), ash Koga (bundle), chroma dynasty (bundle), Vauban citadel (bundle), Oberon feyarch (bundle), nekros Irkalla (bundle) & mesa Presidio (bundle) (I honestly don't expect to get any but would be nice and would respond in kind, just request the one you'd like in your gift message)

armor sets on wishlist: Riv elite-guards, prota, quaro, syrinx,

formas (in bulk please)

inventory slots mostly weapon and 3 vehicle slots please

the only operator cosmetic I want: haztech armor.

oxylus sentinel

honestly those are all I would really like to have this year I honestly am looking forward to this season's prime access

I will be checking regularly for you good little needy tenno so please make your lists and ill reserve some of my saved plat for ya although one request please do not be greedy and order stuff that is like +500 p I would like to be as generous as I want but I don't want others to miss out on my generousity just because someone needed to get like the stalker bundles ok other than that hope to gift you soon and MERRY TENNOBAUM EVERY TENNO And keep on bringing peace to the origin system

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didn't realize no one could see wishlist ingame
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2 hours ago, trunks013 said:

Tenno its this time of the year ^.^ 

Allright lets make things different this year. 

Please post one wishlist each and one story of what you did this year to deserve something.

So all tenno can run trough it and gift you stuff if they want ^.^ 

Please no spamming.

Personaly i did something realy stupid so ill go and take all my remaining plat and send gift to my fellow tenno ^.^ 

Have fun and happy TennoBaum

btw if you have no list just post the story we will improvise ^.^ 

My only wish is Forma. I used it all on dojo things, and a few new things but I have 0 left, and unable to finish my builds >< 

I'm not quite sure what story could really be deserving of anything, but I've always given "starter packs" to new players like two prime weapons, mods, and helped them get a frame they were interested in, and sometimes gifted them the full frame. 
A good chunk of my hours playing has been helping out new players get started and not feel discouraged by how the game throws you in to so much at once. 
I'd buy plat myself to send out gifts, but I went all out for my mom & dad this year for Christmas. ❤️ 

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Happy Tennobaum, my fellow tenno!
I'm not active much on the forums, so this is a first for me! 😛

(Platform: PC - NekrosPrime)



- Orokin, Tenno, or Tenno II Colors.

- Umbra Operator Collection

- Orokin Catalysts

- Forma, or Forma Bundles

- Pobbers Series 2 Scrawl

- Riven Mod Slots

- (More Nekros, noggles too!)


(Mesa Deluxe Bundle, maybe? The Syandana is really nice haha!)

EDIT: I forgot to mention but recently I've been helping out my family with everything around the house to prep for the holidays, and also helping some newer players in my free time too! 🙂

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happy tennobaum lads!

ING:jerg56 (pc)



some slots



and a noggle

as for the story i've helped my sis with her homework regularly and helped my father dig a couple of holes and plant trees in said holes a couple of weekends ago.

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I would kill something to get loki prime so if anyone really nice could get me that it would mean the woorld to me!

that is all i want,loki prime :D

And i have bee nhelping alot of new peopel with taxi and helping my mother with her jewlery making!

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3 minutes ago, Combine1356 said:

I would kill something to get loki prime so if anyone really nice could get me that it would mean the woorld to me!

that is all i want,loki prime 😄

hey my discord group is doing a giveaway for that exact frame on Christmas day if I win it ill let you know and you can have it sound good add me as a friend in game if not I know I got at least 1 part for it lying around somewhere you could at least have that as a consolation if I can't get the set

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IGN - RebirthedTaylor

Platform - PC

Wishlist - Warframe slots! (also a khora or a nidus would be cool too but i have an inaros in my foundry that has been sitting there for a week and i cannot claim it please help)


I'm trying to help my friend get Ash, but to do that we need to farm manics, which have a 100% spawn chance in defection. We still haven't managed to farm it yet. My soul is breaking.


EDIT - Thank you so much to @Nullgain, @Arachnid-Scorpiones and @karl0ssus1 for the gifts! Sorry i couldn't credit you earlier, I was on a bit of a hiatus. Merry Tennobaum!

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My year has been great but a recent event made it that I lost my home, I wish that no tenno in the world experiences  the event I had and to have a very merry tennobaum! Currently staying with a friend so no worries tenno I am ok for the most part ^^


Floor and a roof

Garuda collection
Adi Holster Collection
Slots any
Loki Deluxe

Stay safe tenno Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays Tenno! I saved a ton of Kubrodons! 🙂

My Wishlist:

Inaros Ramses Collection

Nidus Phryke Collection

Mag Pneuma Collection

Octavia Maestra Collection

Color Pack Beta

Tons of Forma

and a definite reason why Space Mom went to the other side!!!

Thank you and may your holidays be full of warmth and cheer Tenno!


Endless gratitude to @Arachnid-Scorpiones for those awesome slots :)

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