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Merry Christmas and happy tennobaum to everyone! 

Platform: Switch

IGN: Neoxandrius


Orokin Reactor and Orokin Catalyst 

Forma Bundle 

Color Palates: Classic Saturated, Fire, Ice and Infested

Some animation sets (Harrow Agile, Titania Noble, Khora Noble and Agile, and Atlas Agile) 

And some weapon and frame slots 

Exilus Adapters 

I would be very grateful if I would get those gifted 

And again Merry Christmas to everyone out there! 

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Merry Tennobaum,

My Wishlist is:

Riven mod slots

Umbra Operator Collection

Hyekka Gene Masking Kit

Krest gene masking kit


Octavia Maestra Collecition or skin

Any ship decoratons

Thanks to @Arachnid-Scorpiones,@TazzydeTerror

Story Time: This summer my sister's young cat died unexpectedly. I helped her to adopt 2 kittens that were both left after their siblings had been adopted. One his sister was adopted that day but the other her sibling had been adopted the previous day and she had cried all night.

Now Mogwai and Nefertiti are very happy and been very healing bouncing rays of sunshine.

I wish the very best for all Tenno and their loved ones.


Have a Very Merry Tennobaum!

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Ah cool! Well I can say that I am hoping that I do my family proud due to so many deaths we had in the family for a few years now but trying to do things and live for them. As for my wishlist: extreme dream want mesa prime...realistic list decor or forma ☺️

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Merry Christmas, folks. Hope you’re all doing well.

In the spirit of Tennobaum I guess if there was anything I’d put on a wishlist... I sure would appreciate some Forma.

Take care over the holiday break, Tenno.

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Happy tennobaum everyone! Well I'm not sure if this really counts but this year has been the year of loosing weight for me this year back in late may early June ive lost over 53 pounds from a kinda terrible place to a much better place this year. Like most people weight is a hard thing to overcome or break terrible habits and coming from nearly 20 stone to now being 16st 3lbs I've been very focused and now very happy where I am in life :). 

I'd also this year love to give the gift of giving also 🙂


Weapon/frame slots



Festive bundle

Festive glyphs

More on my actual profile for a full detailed list.


Thank you to @Nullgain @Arachnid-Scorpiones For the slots you guys are awesome!

Thank you to @Sumsyo For the forma bundle 🙂

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Trying to get back into the game so happy tennobaum. I will try and gift as much as i can this year.

If I were to get a gift, I would enjoy anything. From the memeiest of items to the most mundane. surprise me 😄

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Anything is okyaay!

Booster, Potatoes, Forma!!!

Ship decorations are amazing!

As long as its two of the piece, as having only one ruins fashion ;-;


Any potatotes/forma would be great! following that, Affin/Resource boosters(30) Khora Any deluxe skin except nova Any ship decoration as long as it's two pieces and not one(My innate ocd) that would be it!

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Happy tennobaum everyone! 

Well this year i helped solaris united, that count?

my wishlist will be updated everytime i get something, if i don't forget to do it :v

<< ign, PC , "/profile :my ign: " to check my wishlist easier v:

things i want: 

any ship decoration, since they are cheap , will prob maxed out my ship limit tho x)

forma bundle, always need forma, ALWAYS! :v

Weapons and warframe slot, always need those too v:

Deluxe (just one that i don't have) : Trinity collection, loki collection, vaunban collection, nezha collection, mag collection, mesa collection, nova collection, oberon collection,saryn collection, Nyx collection :v

immortals skins, any, just because i don't have it, and since they are cheap :v

Armors: provvok shoulder, bundles : ceramica ,daedelus,gazal,eos, iliac, maggor(normal or towsun), riv-elite,quaro, syrinx,vetala

Syandana : any (already have izvara, salix solstive , suparna,abrasys, centuria,foxglove,imperator festive,yamako)

any Scrawls bundle! :v


Well thanks in advance to tenno that gift me things, And happy xmas everyone! 😄




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Platform: PC

Happy Tennobaum! 

I really need Forma but Reactors/Catalysts/Exilus adapters and Affinity boosters would be awesome too. Honestly anything would be cool to get. Thanks all happy holidays!




Exilus Adapters


Affinity Boosters

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1 hour ago, (XB1)Dredd1973 said:

My story... I'm a single dad who's been raising my daughter on my own since she was 4.

Wish list:

Mods -

     Health Conversion

     Primed Flow

     Growing Power

Xbox GT: Dredd1973


Happy holidays to all 🙂


EDIT - apparently it has to be from the market so mods can't be gifted, so, uh, use your imagination 😜

In-game, if you join a clan, members will shower you with mods.


Good luck Fellow Console Dad!

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Merry Tennobaum you guys.

I don't really have much of a story to tell, since I've been spending most of my time cooped up inside my house trying to grind for Limbo Prime's Neuroptics. No luck though. But my personal favourite 'good deed' or whatever you call it is when I broke up a fight in school. They were in an argument about grades and who was dumber, and some idiot decided to insult the other's mother. The other kid was extremely sensitive (I would say slightly autistic, but I'm not really sure) and boom. Fight. Me and a group of friends had to pull them apart.

Here's my wishlist. 

Oh yeah and my IGN is Psychestorm. Don't ask why. Please. Those were dark times.

Nidus (Salvage hates me)

the Dax Syandana

And if possible the Nidus Phryke skin.

Thanks. Have a good day, y'all.

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Happy Holidays Tenno and hope everything is going great for you.

IGN: Trizion

Platform: PC

Here are just a few things I want this year:

  • Any ship decoration (gotta love IKEAframe)
  • Forma Bundles
  • Any booster
  • Slots of any type

Thank you and have a great day!

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Uh. . . okay

Player: Unus

Platform: PC

Request = 2 Weapon Slots, a Warframe Slot if you feel incredibly bleeding hearted.

This year has been quite a tumult, to say the least. Between my proper graduation, the contraction of my aunt of lethal cancer, and the recent passage of my birthday (talk about a series of 180 turns.), my life's been a series of firsts and lasts recently.


On the Warframe side of things, I guess the biggest bit would have to be that, this year, I discovered that there were still members in my rookie clan who, instead of going independent or joining a real Clan, had stayed with me for 2 years straight, one of which was standing at Affinity 26. The one online at the time asked me for permission to become a recruiter for the clan, something I had thought I had given him and his associate years ago, in addition to the decorated role in order to do an ascension ceremony, something I was very worried would do something that would make our clan update and increase resource costs.

I was so tempted to just become a clan of one again and push all the pain of thinking about how I had left these fellows stranded for years out with all of them, a loose-end of a bygone age of plenty.

Instead, I promoted them to allow them to recruit folks, meaning that I may very well have just handed my personal temple, built by me and me alone, away to people who may or may not give me the boot if I'm not in attendance.


I just. . . it's a whole buncha headaches. Honestly, I think I just needed to vent and used this place as an excuse to post about it, heh.


Weather my request is heeded or not, Merry Tennobaum brother and sister Tenno. This series has been my shelter and my compliment for life, may it see at least a few seasons more!

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alright well i had to figure out something that wasn't too sappy so i thought of this. One of my homies has kidney failure, hes doing fine but whenever I cook food for the homies i always make sure that he can eat it and if not I buy him something similar he can. Like turkey burgers instead of beef burgers.


My gamertag is Keiji_Haku and im on ps4

Id be greatful to honestly get khora. I rarely have time to farm her anymore. Its holiday season and I am a cashier. My time is eaten up by work.

And its kinda odd but as a surprise if someone could get one of my other friends  Khora as well hed definitely be greatful. He works two jobs and rarely has time for farming either. hes on ps4 as well and in gamertag is Randon0350


Thanks for reading.


I saw some people with funny stories and i kinda wanted to share one.

This is a Magic the gathering story so its definitely not for everyone. I don't play competitive. I generally play stupid most of the time.

We were neck deep in to a game and I am pretty sure i was losing so to even the odds while everyone was focused on a homie doing a ton of crap i grabbed my old pokemon deck and slipped a lugia on to my battlefield. My turn comes around and one of them caught on but kept quiet. I hit my one of them for 10 and passed the turn. By the next turn all but one person had figured out wat was going on. the one who didn't was the one who took 10. When he was about to die it was on my turn and I said "I will attack you with my lugia for 10 again" oh the look on his face was priceless.

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IGN: Mr.Yokai 

-Forma bundles 😄

-Winter Glyph Pack 1

-Color Pack Alpha 

-Saryn Deluxe skin

-Affinity Boost 30 Days 

-Haztech Armor Bundle 

It would mean the world to me if I even got one of these. Thank you Warframe community! I love you guys so much!


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So it's that time of the year where I puck up random people and give them nice decoration for orbiter and dojo, the naughtiest of you will receive the worst decoration while the best of you will receive the jackpot!

As of my wishlist, send me absolutly anything! The action is what count, not the gift ^^

IGN: ---Dradon---

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Hello everyone and Merry Christmas/tennobaum

This year I was running speed relic runs in public group and a level 7 kid joined us. He died and instead of not caring I actually revieved him 😊. He added me as a friend and now I’m helping him get more into this game. Anyways for my wishlist I would be happy with anything obviously Forma and Orokin stuff is idle but I will be happy with anything. 


PC- sprague2

Hope everyone has a great tennobaum!!!

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