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Hi, all. This year i came back to the game after a long hiatus just to discover some stuff i have are now next to worthless lol.

If someone can send any of these five items it would make me very happy!

-Nezha Deluxe Bundle  (my new main frame)

-Khora  (after weeks of farming i just have 2 BPs)

-Revenant  (can't kill Eidolons in POE because potato pc)

-Garuda  (can't stay in fortuna for too long because potato pc)

-Oxylus (same as above)

IGN: Fulsilver

Platform: PC

Thanks, and Happy Tennobaum!

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PC - Vayla

- Any of the K-drive Scrawl series

- The Tekelu Collection weapon skins

- Reactor Potatoes

- Any Winter/Solstice pack

Is it possible to gift Tennogen? There are quite a few of those I'd like to gift, but I'm not sure how. 

Have a safe and happy holiday season everyone!  #WeAllGiftTogether  

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Happy tennobaun everyone


Wishlist: Garuda collection and Octavia deluxe collection, only those. 

thanks so much to @Krockish for the Garuda collection gift.


i hope for some good soul who can make my wishes come true. 

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Hello Fellow Tenno,

I’m an elementary school teacher and I helped set a schoolwide goal for our students during a fundraiser (raising money for our whole school district) to motivate each student to participate. If we met our goal we would chose two random students to shave half of my beard off in front of the whole school. We actually had the highest participation we’ve ever had. (Half of my face was pretty cold for the day as well) 🙂 the fundraiser helped many children in different socioeconomic climates throughout our district. The kids did a great job. 

I would love anything you could spare. Truthfully, it’s fun just to get mail in your in box. 

Platform: ps4 

IGN:  redbaran


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Hey guys , Whats uuup .


Merry Tennobaum to everyone hope you all are having a great one . Id love the Mesa deluxe skin but am also super interested in orbiter decos [glpyh displays , ornaments , pedestals any decos welcome really]


thanks all 

IGN on pc : onzaftw

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Hello and Merry Christmas all :V

Platform PC

Here's my wish list from most wanted top to the list:

- Khora Bundle
- Nidus Pryke Colletion Deluxe (cuz is smexy)
- Colors: Lotus/Storm/Fire/Grineer/Dojo/Eximus/Corpus/Daybreak

- Vignette Bundle

- Designer Glyph Pack

- Kubrodons Series Scrawl 1 2 and Pobbers Series 2

- Winter Glyph Pack 3

- Lotus Theme for UI

- Mag Pneunam Collection

- Vauban Citadel Colletion

And that's about it.

Happy Holidays Tenno :lotus: 

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PC Flameduel's wishlist:

I honestly don't care, I just love Ikea frame so if you were to send me something from articula and Noggles, to argon crystal decor and polymer bundle decor is an easy choice to send. Feed my addiction lol.

-My wishlist in warframe has specific decorations I want, but to save your time my favorite frames are Nezha and Ivara when it comes to Noggles.

-A reactor would be amazing since I need one for my pet moa.

-Garuda Collection (though this is something I don't expect to get)

-if your willing to send slots, I just have to ask not warframe slots please, I have plenty


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What can I say. It's been one of the hardest year in my life. It was S#&$ty, it was hard af, but in the end i got through it without being a #$&(% and without hurting anyone's feelings which i consider important and ffs wasn't it hard to not hurt anyone... in the end, i didn't tho. I always try to not break anyones heart and do things correctly so... theres that.

My wishlist:

- Give someone something good and tag me if anyone gifted someone something they like on my behalf, that'll make me feel better.

- Dont give me nothing, there's nothing i need in warframe (other than mastery levels but im too lazy to grind em xDD) and refer to the point above.

- Not a wishlist but.. i'd also take 1k plats or so and start gifting people stuff they really need but as i already said this was a S#&$ty year, economicaly as well. I have like 30 plats so... sorry. (also, between college, work and gym i dont really have the time to grind plats)

Happy Tennobaum everyone! ❤️

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Certainly wouldn't mind some boosters, and Forma's always nice. I'm mostly just here to spread the joy.

Haven't got much of a story, I'm afraid, but I've been trading like a fiend to save up plat for this.

Great thanks to @Arachnid-Scorpiones and @TheyreFood for the Forma bundles, @AlphaPHENIX for the Dendra armor, and @DaraSilverDragon for the drop chance booster~

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Merry Tennobaum,

My wishlist:




Exilus adapters

weapon slots ty @Arachnid-Scorpiones

archwing slots and archwing weapons slots

My Story:

Have taken some time off from Warframe because of life's more downs than ups lately. Been having fun farming, building and getting operator mode.


So have an amazing Tennobaum everyone!

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Merry Tennobaum!

I'm not sure what to ask for so you can gift me anything
My Ign : Hakunokun (PC)

Though I wont ask for much, I would greatly love to have:

- Mag Pneuma skin

- Any slots

- Your bronze mods

- A Life : )..

- Vitruvian Glyph pack

- pancakes

- And a Mysterious gift from you ; p

Hmm, a Mini story. My cat ran away for months and was so worried and tried to go out to find him and one day my sister came to my room because a lady came to my door with my cat (his name is Casper cus.. he is all white) and i was so happy so i gave him love and attention for a full on week and took care of him.

on the other hand. i am trying to find a new job ever since last year november ive been a wreck in trying to find a new job because of administration for the business i worked for : (. 


stay safe out there tenno : D


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I would greatly appreciate it anyone would gift me any of the following items:

volt Proto skin

ash koga skin

nidus phryke skin

excalibur exaltation skin

pyra syndana

I’m paying for college, insurance, etc., so no spare cash. This would be an awesome surprise; I’m on ps4, name is oryx453

Merry Christmas tenno! 

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hello guys this is my first tennobaum its wierd becouse i just started month and half ago been only grind exp throw helene but the game is so great and great communtiy as well alot better from my last game i was into hope u guys have a great year and i hope i can get anything from my wish list my ign is : Skillzat pc user  and here is my list 


nidus phryke skin/collection 

nekros irkalla skin/collection

riv elite guards (i acully dont have any any accessories yet) 

Storm colour pallete (to get black cuz dont have black yet and have some other colours as well)

suparna syandana [i like it cuz its kinda cheap and new better than my steel one) 😛

and lastly mesa presido [i play mesa alot waiting for mesa prime so hard) ^^

thanks guys hope u have a great upcoming year ^_^ 

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I've helped 3 relatively new players gain their bearings and guided them through farming and modding processes.

Give a man a build, and he'll mod once. Teach a man to mod, and he'll have builds forever.

I would like the sacrfice collection if anyone can spare the platinum. only thing I wanted, really. IGN is the same as here. PC platform.

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Hello. I've been away from the game due to work and personal commitments. However now I'm back I would like the Icarius syandana to make my Inaros look like Amarna from Summoners War. Failing that I would be delighted with forma as I unfortunately missed the plague star event and have a truck ton I want to build. Thanking you and Merry Xmas

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Hello!  Here's my wishlist.

PC IGN:  Hearsay 

-Color Pallets:  Corpus, Lotus, Orokin, Twilight
-Nightwatch skin for Dual Cleavers
-Festive skin for Glaxion
-Nersyr Gene-Masking Kit
-Myrdin Kavat Armor
-Riv Elite Arm and Leg Guards
-If you're feeling super super super generous, Hunhow's Gift.  
-Hema, because I am never gonna get around to obtaining it otherwise.
-Surprise me.  Ideally not weapons or warframes since I have/had most of them by now.

Thanks XRosenkreuz for the Glaxion skin!


As for stories?  Hmmm. I work retail and in a customer service oriented job.  If that ain't enough for a pity gift, then I tend to try to do everything I can for a customer.  I mean, that's the job, yeah, but I try to go a bit farther.  There's plenty of times I know I could get away apologizing to a customer and doing nothing for them because it'd be more convenient.  Like, recently, customer wanted an item we were out on the shelf.  It was on a pallet on the second level of pallet racks in the freezer.  I was, by all rights, able to say we didn't have any or something since I can't operate a forklift.  But no, I found a ladder, climbed up, pulled one of those 50lb boxes down, almost fell twice, and brought it out to them.

And then they ended up not wanting it anyway and left without so much a thank you.

So yeah, let's not be like that customer.  Let's do some nice things for each other and be happy for the nice things we get!  Nobody has to get you a gift, nobody has to get me a gift, you don't have to get anyone a gift, and I don't have to get anyone a gift.  But let's be awesome people and do it anyway.  I've not decided if I'm going to fire gifts back at gifters or grab something for random people on the list (probably that guy on page 30 who's gonna be overlooked hard).  But I'll definitely do something!

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I help new Tenno get started into the game, and give out free basic mods to players trying to buy them trade chat.

PC player, and I only need forma, but I need as many as you can spare ❤️

send a want of yours and i will try to get back to you with it if at all possible.  🙂

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