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The Sacrifice Collection - It's a bit expensive. :3 (Gifted by:AlexanderXM. Thankies!! ^-^

Clan/Alliance Emblem

Saryn Deluxe Skin Collection

Volt Proto Skin Collection.

Lotus/Twilight/Grineer/Dojo Color thing.

Solstice Skin bundle. 

Forma/Forma Bundles. if possible. (;3

or anything you can/want to gift. thanks. :3



(My English isn't that good so meow it.)

This happened some time ago.. I parked my Orbiter at one of the Grineer landing platforms (Had to take it by force.) at Planet Uranus studying Underwater species native to Planet, the waves were rough and stormy as always I sent my Santienel to depths of the Planet  collecting information on my Darvo-Pad X918 (Latest Model.) ;3! while I stood there I heard a voice calling my Tenno's name. :3

Gifters so far:


Forma Bundle:Pipsquig/Leyvonne. ^-^

Slots:Arachnid-Scorpiones. ^-^



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Hey guys,

I see some pretty good stories in this post, I'm no match for them! I think the coolest thing that I managed to do this year was to finally learn something that I wanted to learn since I was a young child: I learned how to solve a Rubik's Cube! Not only that, but I liked it so much that I'm now practicing speed cubing! :D
It is silly, but I'm very proud of myself for it! ^^

Platform: PC
IGN: p1ra
- Any color pallet
- Orokin Catalist/ Orokin Reactor / Exilus Adapter

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Happy Holidays! Athena-Saber here from PC!

If it's not too much to ask, I'd like to ask for the stuff below.

Atlas (cause I sold him waaaay back to make room for other warframes.)


Riven slot(s)

A resource or affinity booster

I've been going into random nodes helping beginners out, giving some essential mods away for free in the trade chat, and have been helping players out in some warframe facebook groups.

Thank you very much, and again, Happy Holidays!



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Hello all! For some reason the forum won't change to match my in-game glyph, even if I log out and back in... 😞

IGN: JadeKaiser (just look to the left a little, seriously...)

Platform: PC


Nezha Empyrean deluxe skin (or the bundle, but just the skin is probably pushing it already)

Kubrodons Series 1 Scrawl bundle

Any of the Fortuna operator armor bundles

Titania Solstice skin

Classic Saturated color palette

Ice color palette

And of course there's always forma, reactors, catalysts and exilus adapters.

Story: I guess I do drive my brother around a lot, since he's had some major problems with his kidneys. He has to use a dialysis machine every night and everything. Mostly every other Sunday, when my parents have stuff going on after church I'll take him instead, and then we go pick up his medication at the pharmacy in another town. It's not really a hardship though, since he's probably the person I enjoy hanging out with the most.

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Happy Tennobaum! 

I would really hope for

-resource booster because I do not have the time to farm kuva

-Deluxe skin, nezha, nekros and rhino's look super good! 

-forma bundle because I need those formas :(

-Hunhow's gift? Not the priority but the items look super cool! 

Thank you guys in advance! 😭

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hello guys happy  tennobaum

this is my ign  : Skillzat    pc user and here is my list

1- mesa presido [i almost dont play anything but mesa and i m waiting for mesa prime so hard) ^^

2-  nekros irkalla skin/collection  [my farming man love nekros alot]

3- Storm colour pallete (to get black cuz dont have black yet and it have some other colours as well)

4- nidus phryke skin/collection

or a frame/weopen slot would also be great

thanks guys hope u have a great upcoming year ^_^



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Merry Tennobaum to all!

Wishlist  (PC IGN: Sin1989)

  • Tenno II Color Palette
  • Emotion Module: Aggressive
  • Emotion Module: Inquisitive
  • Kubrodons Series 2 Scrawl
  • Ifrit Kubrow Armor
  • Rostam Kubrow Armor
  • Myrdin Kavat Armor
  • Note Beacon Ship Decoration
  • Riven Mod Slots
  • Forma

Many Thanks for the Forma / Weapon Slots! @Arachnid-Scorpiones  @IceColdHawk @Nullgain


Back when I was working in my old resupply job at a craft store, I was stocking the woodcraft section when a customer approached me.  She asked me if we had any more of these little bird houses as there were only 3 or 4 of them left on the shelf.  She needed a bunch of them for this event she was hosting for disabled children to paint and decorate with their parents.  I told her I could check, pulled out my RF gun and scanned the tag to see how many we had in stock - which it said we had 53 of them.  As I regularly worked in that section, I knew there was a good possibility that there were some in the overstock boxes that were up on the cap-shelves.  Despite me having somewhat of a time-limit to put out my stock, I told her I could check those overstock boxes if she wasn't in any rush, which she was more than happy to wait for me to check.  Told her that I'd be right back with a ladder, and when I came back I spent 30+minutes checking around 20 overstock boxes and found all 53 bird houses for her.  She said she'd take every last one of them, and was super thankful that I took the time to find them for her.

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Hello guys, happy Tennobaum!

Here's my wishlist:

Forma pack

Weapons slot

Exilus adapter

Orokin Catalist

Orokin Reactor

Ivara Youkai skin 

Nova Asuri skin

Beta instruments

Delta instruments 

Alpha instruments 

Pobbers Series 1 Scrawl




(It is not much like a story...but..)

Every time I went shopping I met people who were begging.

Leaving the checkout I then gave them some money and from that day every time I meet them always show an affectionate feeling towards me.



I wish you a happy Tennobaum again! 🙂

IGN: stoneice34 (PS4)


Thanks to @(PS4)Vlaceon for Warframe slot  🙂


P.S: sorry 4 my bad english xD

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Short story: Got a few friends into the game, gave away mods and items to set them well on their way; same for random newbies around the game. Informed all players selling for too low that their item is worth more. Gave away free Ignis wraiths all around! 😄

Wishlist: Just throw me blue potatoes pls 😞

Or anything else ya want, I'll take anything, skins to decorations 🙂

EDIT: IGN is Avaritia 😄

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Happy Tennobaum all! My feel-good story? Sometime earlier this year I was walking with a friend to their car when I noticed a wallet and other cards sprawled across the road. We picked up everything we could find and walked back to the train station to hand it in. I have no clue if the person got their wallet back, but sure hope they did :)

I'm not looking for much, although blue potatos + weapon/warframe/riven slots would be nice ;) otherwise any decorations to make my computer freak out more when I load into my ship would be awesome!  more noggles to fill my sideroom shelves would be awesome <3
IGN: Leigh_ (PC)

Hope you all have a lovely holiday! Will do my best to gift you guys what I can :) 

Thanks to @Arachnid-Scorpiones and @Nullgain for the weapon slots! <3

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I've been wanting the Garuda Collection because I don't get a chance to play as often as I use to.

Although, I work as a veterinarian at a non-profit organization. I started about a year ago and have since helped countless number of animals, so I say the trade for my time on Warframe in order to help animals is more than worth it.

I would be incredibly grateful if someone did gift this to me, though, it is pricey, so I understand if you cannot. Thank you! :))

In game name is Kkeut.

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I don't know if i'm to late but, I'll take a chance, I've done quiet a few good things this year, such as working hard at school and trying my hardest while also helping others, I know that may seem lame but its gets harder every year and playing Warframe in my spare time has really helped me not stress out...

I don't have anything on my Warframe wish list as I didn't know that was a thing, but some stuff I would like are:

.Most expensive wish would be the Nidus Collection with Nidus Phryke Skin - I wanted this because I need to study more then play nowadays and farming frames and Platinum is much harder then before

.Any Armour sets except the Riv-Elite Set and any colour pallets - I've stuck with the Orokin colour pallet and Easter Colour Pallet for fashion frame as like I've said school is getting harder and farming plat is getting harder, Honestly anything would be awesome!!!  Also I wouldn't mind a Syadana or even operator armour 🙂 

.And best for last and always appreciated... Potatoes, Forma and Exilus adaptor and Warframe slots/weapons slots AND booster because MESA PRIME is coming YAYAYAYAYA, been waiting forever and havn't farmed mesa yet cause she's so close!!!


Good luck to everyone and and hopefully Santenno will gift everyone their wish lists, and man when I read over what I wrote theirs so many god damn things I want lol


Thankyou so much @Nullgain and @Arachnid-Scorpiones for the weapons slots!!! 🙂 

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Happy TennoBaum!
My IGN is KiraLwolf   

Console: PC

  • Frame and Weapon Slots
  • Forma(clan costs 😭 )
  • Nidus Phryke Collection (Need that doggy armour!) or Nezha Deluxe
  • Decorations!!!! 
  • Mesa, it's been 3years and I still haven't gotten her last part...

I hope I'm on everyone's nice list! Since I never got angry at Char, a cute german shepherd, who kept stealing one of my slippers. 😉 Sly doggo. 

Thanks in advance and #Fortuna69 #WeAllLiftTogether

Special thanks to @Nullgain and @Arachnid-Scorpiones for their generosity!!! 

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Dear TennoFolks,

First & foremost, Happy Tennobaum 2018 to everyone out there and Merry Christmas as well!!!.🤗

My Christmas Present in advance:-



Story: I've been assisting out new players in-game towards random players and providing major discounts along with free stuff added while trading. 

It's been a pleasure for me being part of this community as always👍😎



About my Wishlist: Kindly give me your blesssings and I would humbly appreciate it! 🙂 

P.S. Don't forget to share your Volt's speed along with Sprint boost aura with me, if you know what I mean as misunderstandings are getting complicated these days.  👇😏✌️


Thanks in Advance, TennoSantas

Enjoy, Cheers & Take Care, 




Credits to Gifters who have sent to me:-

@Arachnid-Scorpiones - Thank you so much for the amazing gift and loved it. 🙂


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Hello fellow Tenno, hope you are having a wonderful Tennobaum!

It's been quite the year of mystery, excitement, betrayal, and liberation. All that can distract you from partaking in the simpler things like sitting in your festively decorated orbiter, listening to those nifty bells Ordis likes to play this time of year, and showing your appreciation to all our brothers and sisters fighting to make the Origin System a safer place when you cannot.

With that said, I humbly offer up my wish list: (PC IGN: Soul-Forged)

  • Palatine Pack, because lets face it Rhino looks even cooler with metal under his metal.
  • Forma Bundle, or as I like to call them Tenno hotcakes.
  • Emotion Modules, haven't gotten any yet so all three are on the table.
  • Any Articula/Noggles, my army will grow.
  • Any Display, for wall to wall art! But lets be honest they'll all be Ember booty.
  • Note Beacon, I'm thinking "No moms allowed!" right above my personal quarters.
  • Slots, slots, slots! Seriously every slot counts. I'm really hurting on warframe slots and weapon slots, but I could also use an odd robotic, stasis, or vehicle slot.
  • Any other Orbiter Decoration, I love a good surprise!

I like this new addition of a story, so here's mine.

It was a few days after valentines day and I was enjoying the time honored tradition of scoring some sweet half price chocolate. The woman in front of me in the checkout line was pretty visibly down on her luck buying, I'll never forget it, three kiwis. A minute later, me and the nice kiwi lady had struck up a conversation about it being the year of the dog. She was pretty happy to have someone to talk to, and before long she bought her kiwis and went on her way. Before I left the store, I saw her again. I gave her the chocolates and asked if she would be by belated valentine, she said yes and that I really brightening her day up, that was the highlight of the month for me. My one regret from that day was never asking her name, so I'll always say my 2018 valentine was the kiwi lady.

Gift or not, thank you for taking the time to read this, and a very merry Tennobaum to you! #WeAllGiftTogether

P.S. I'll try to mention everyone who sends me something as I can, thanks!

Thank you Nullgain for the warframe slot! Thank you Arachnid-Scorpiones for the weapon slots! Thank you Fufu1 for the display - poster!

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To thank very generous people.
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Normally I'd feel a little awkward asking strangers for things, but since it's an event for charity I'll join in.

Had a bit of bad luck in the health department this year. Spent about 2 weeks thinking I might have cancer but it turns out it's a blockage of my bile duct that will need to be corrected surgically. Despite the pain I've been in I still help my elderly father with repairs around the house so I guess that's good. Mostly just trying to keep everyone in the family happy because I know those medical bills are coming and then it's all my fault for getting sick.

As much as I love Warframe I haven't been able to spend much time on it lately so I'm a little behind. Thus Garuda would be amazing so I can use her before I do the work to get the materials. Battacor looks interesting to me, no idea how it'll pan out but I'd like to try it. Had my eye on the Nekros and Octavia deluxe skins for awhile. And of course on the smaller side boosters and weapon slots are always useful.

Whatever happens I'd like to wish you all happy holidays and may RNGesus bless your rolls next year.

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Happy Tennobaum!

XBOX IGN: Lotus of Divine

I got no story just a rough year looking for ways to cheer up. Warframe has been one of the things to cheer me up I absolutely love the game and the community. I appreciate what the devs have done this year it's quite fantastic to see this game grow. I hope next year could be a better year for me.


- Inaros Ramses Skin

Thanks to anyone who gifts anything and I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

Also thanks Chuss the Red for the forma bundle greatly appreciate the gift.



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Happy Tennobaum and have a merry christmas to all!!!

On my wishlist i just want the deluxe skin nekros irkalla skin :satisfied:and i am  sry for how straight forward this sounds i am pretty much new to the game start only this year and i am kinda nervous about posting this



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Merry TanaCON \o/

o wait....I mean MERRY TENNOBAUM 😄

All I do is work n Play Warframe, so I can't think of any stories that would be interesting in my life.

Dear diary, today the janitor @ work gave me dodgy stares...again. Day 100 and I'm beginning to fear for my crispy WHEATS!!

HoHoHo have a good holidays everyone. Protect your wheats!

IGN: Shiv3rz

- Anything from wishlist would be stellar

- Forma

- Blue Potataz

- Weapon Sluuths (Pronounced like MxR does)


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