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Future open worlds to Warframe: ideas and predictions


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I've been wanting to get on this topic for a while since the release of Fortuna which adds a whole lot of new content to the game and with Operation Railjack being an expansion to both Orb Vallis and the Plains of Eidolon. I will be going over my predictions and ideas on what every open world for each planet will be like. So to start off it's good that Fortuna was beyond my expectations and I really like how different it is in contrast to the Plains. I'd like for them to keep it that way because it'll make things more unique between the two especially since Cetus is more of a tribal village and Fortuna is a cyberpunk factory city. Makes things interesting. So without further ado let's begin.


MARS: Mars is obviously going to be the next open world and this topic is going to be my most favorite because Mars has an interesting setting and role throughout Warframe. It is the planet that houses ancient human and Orokin structures, the tomb of Inaros, sand villages stuffed with Grineer technology since they moved in, and the Corpus on Phobos laying their prying eyes on the planet at the same time. Here's how I think it'll go. On Mars, there would be a village made of sand and stone in the middle of a bowl surrounded by mountains keeping it safe. Of course, they would be much different than Cetus because they live in different worlds and have mastered different crafts. The village would have things like temples and more Orokin tech than what Cetus has. The village could be larger, even having full on roads big enough for carts to pass by. The village would be something like what the ancient Egyptians had with their villages and it's a huge possibility since the connotations of Mars seems to reflect that of Ancient Egypt.

   Now when it comes to the actual open world this is where the fun begins. Considering Mars is an area of deserts and canyons it would feel almost dead especially since after the Old War effected everything and all that is left is Grineer hardware and ruins lying around. If Digital Extremes has an ambition with creating larger open worlds than the last than this one could potentially be close to the size of Afghanistan in Metal Gear Solid, and I use that as a good reference since they both follow the same desert-like theme. This Open world Would Focus on BOTH the Grineer and Corpus since Mars have been a strong battleground between the two factions. It's likely possible that the Grineer wouldn't even pay attention to the village they meant to take over because of the Corpus stationed on Phobos constantly attacking them. This is where you take invasion missions up a notch and turn them to 200%. This would be the open world where invasions play a large role letting you decide who you want to fight for and maintaining the balance between the two factions in order to keep them distracted with each other more than anything else. There will be missions and incursions of the Corpus trying to land on Mars and take it. If you are on the Grineer's side then you would have to fend them off before finally taking the fight to space with the Railjack in order to completely repel the Corpus and defend a Grineer fleet. If you are on the Corpus side then you would have to destroy a Grineer ship for them to pass and take over certain bases that they are targeting. The mission rewards would, of course, be different depending on the factions, and if you choose to eliminate both Corpus and Grineer then the villagers will give you something. There would be a constant update on which faction has an uphold of Mars, If statistics across all players playing the game say they side with the corpus more and succeed with those missions then you would see more of them than the Grineer and vice-versa.

   On the other hand while the Grineer and Corpus fight, Mars would be filled with dangerous indigenous creatures, most of which being even more dangerous than the two factions fighting. We already have the desert skates that pop up from the ground during missions, and we can also have the Tomb Guardians at temple locations around the map fending off anything that gets near it. In addition, there should be monsters like giant Sand Worms hiding in the ground and other horrifying creatures, and if you reach the edge of the world's map then the largest Sand Worm (or other scary creature) would show up trying to kill the player in order to keep them away. If the player still tries to go over the edge then it will just repel them with a sandstorm like what Fortuna does. But you will have to take on missions from the village to attack most of these creatures in order to retrieve items or keep the village safe from these threats. At night most of these predatory life forms will emerge and a lot of them will be more dangerous and since Mars is just a large desert, it would be darker at night than the Plains of Eidolon making you feel more comfort and safety anytime you find a Grineer camp with enough light. Exploring the open world will be fun, animal hunting will most likely come back and since Mars is just a large desert I don't think fishing will come back, not that it's a bad thing it'll just make things more unique. Occasionally you will still find Corpus and Grineer fighting even when you're not in a mission and to throw in some added action some of the indigenous life forms would also join the fight if they feel disturbed by the incursion attacking both the factions and including you if you get involved. The open should also have occasional sandstorms, just like Metal Gear Solid, and when this happens it increases your stealth masks the noise you make, but that doesn't mean you're invincible as your vision will also be obscured and this could also be the perfect time for certain creatures to attack, even rare creatures that you would have to kill for special resources like let's say their pelt or scales.


CERESI'm not even gonna bother with this one. And I think it's for the best that DE doesn't even touch this planet because if they did it would look typical and it would just be a waste of effort trying to make an open world out of this. Ceres is one of the smallest things in our Solar System almost no different from Phobos, which is why I didn't really mention Phobos other than it playing a role for the Corpus in the Mars open world. Making an open world out of  Ceres would be too small and disappointing and trying to inflate Ceres' size in order to fit one would just feel unauthentic. It's not bad too just skip out on this planet because I did say it's okay to have a little variety. They could try to fix the boss node and give us a different one but that's for another topic.


JUPITER: This one was tricky at first when I first heard of this whole open world shinanigan that DE was up to, but now with Operation Railjack this might be interesting. Jupiter is home to Corpus labs containing all sorts of experiments and classified information, and with something as precious as that to them would require a large fleet of warships to protect it. Inside the planet, hidden under Jupiter's iconic red spot where storms rage would be a Tenno facility loaded with armaments, ships, and other stuff. This would be a Tenno espionage group trying to sabotage the Corpus within their territory. In the base, you will be introduced to new Archwings and will also have the ability to craft your own Archwing just like the Zaws. Once you are ready, you can start up a mission to take out key Corpus targets, stations within the planet and large capital ships that could pose a threat. The possibility of it being a free roam world are slim but even if it's not it'll still be epic.


EUROPAEuropa is a mysterious one considering it's not only the moon of Jupiter but also an ice planet containing many fallen Corpus ships and mines. An open world here would only be slightly bigger than the Plains of Eidolon when it was first released, and I say it that way because of Rumors that the plains might get an expansion. But as for Europa itself is interesting. The moon is under corpus rule who are trying to defend the area from Grineer fleets trying to take it. Now, who knows if we'll see the return of the Grineer/Corpus invasions like I mentioned in my Mars theory but I do want to know what the Corpus hold so strongly about Europa. Maybe it's an ancient Orokin secret hidden under the ice, highly classified Corpus information in the mines and fallen ships, or most likely they take things with Europa seriously since it is Jupiter's moon and Corpus territory after all. If this were to be an open world, I would imagine starting in a small bunker organized by the same Tenno espionage group that I mentioned before. It would be nice to have some NPC Tenno characters who aren't players after all. It would make the world feel more alive and help us relate to our fellow Tenno and the role they play in the story. That's all I have to say for this one, let me know your thoughts and ideas.


SATURNThis one will most likely be just like Jupiter's case that I mentioned except it'll be a Grinner version of just that, and instead of you jumping in and out of the planet, you would just stay in space where the rings are at. Since Saturn has a giant ring with millions of asteroids in it, the planet could also be carrying special resources and minerals, imagine being able to mine tellurium. For this world, you will have to fly around constantly in space chasing/hunting down Grineer targets (Finally something to replace that dumb pursuit node already on the planet's map). The only times you would have to get off your Archwing is when entering inside ships or asteroid stations, and there will be alternatives to completely destroy a Grineer station from the outside using your Archwing -again, just like Jupiter- and all while using your own crafted Arch melee weapon. Let me know what your ideas and predictions are for this one.


URANUSThis could be one of the most epic and Jaw dropping open worlds in the game since this will take almost entirely on water. This is where the Archwing takes another big role. Because you can't use thrusters underwater with regular Archwings, the Tenno crafted special equipment add-ons to make your Archwing faster underwater, of course, you must craft these pieces of equipment and you will be given a starter one if you want to swim faster unless you want to be fish food. Uranus is known in the story for housing amazing Orokin secrets, most of which even relating to the Sentients, so they will be making a return, too. I could almost imagine this planet having this creepy pirate-like theme to it, which would be all the more reason to release it during Halloween season. In this world, there would be Grineer defectors stationed on a small island above the water trying to escape and spy on Tyl Regor's research laboratories. The reason why they haven't escaped the planet themselves is that if they did then they wouldn't be able to help their newly born brethren in the labs escape. This is where you also find out that the Corpus who makes a market out of selling body parts and organs also makes it's way into the cloning labs as the Grineer constantly have to replace organs and other stuff in order to increase the lifespan of their soldiers but of course the longer this goes, the more unstable they become which results in their acts of violence and other behaviors. Those lucky enough to survive the horrors of the labs and are sane enough to prefer a more peaceful life defect from the area to seak the rebellion. The rebellion could even be Steal Meridian or just potential friends of them.

   The open world would play out like this where you will explore and fight Grineer facilities and submarines in the ocean. Grineer submarines hold cargo that is important to the cloning labs and it's your job to search and destroy them or even steal the products inside. Some of them will even be fast and they will try to escape you at all costs and that why you need the brand new Archwing equipment that lets you thrust faster underwater or a better idea would be a submarine designed Archwing that works specifically for underwater travel equipped with sonar and torpedos for your missions. This is something that I had in my mind for a while. Fishing will also make a return in the two forms: underwater hunting and above water fishing. Above water fishing will follow just normally, you find an island or boat at the surface of the water and hunt for fish that way. The alternative is underwater hunting which will only be for those interested in fighting larger creatures kind of like my Mars prediction. You will be tasked with fighting enormous sharks, octopuses, and fish in order to cut them for resources. The deeper you go underwater, the more powerful and dangerous the creatures get, even the Grineer. But what lies below at the deepest abyss could be the most mind-blowing Orokin secrets in the entire Origin system and they will be guarded by Sentients.

   I would imagine that the setting for this world would be grim and dark with the sky always in a dark blue cloud with the sun only being able to barely peak through. and at night it would get even darker with things barely being visible and the creepy yet beautiful bioluminescence of the indigenous life forms being the only thing you can see in the dark. Since Uranus is further from the sun but hasn't frozen over, it's likely that the Grineer and Orokin technology occupying it keeps the planet warm. Just like in the same case as Venus. It would be fun to swim around a large ocean with your very own crafted Arch gun/harpoon gun to destroy enemies. As well as adding equipment to your Archwing for better seafaring travels like thruster upgrades, Sonar, mines, and torpedos, And if you already have that submarine Archwing idea that I mentioned then you would get all of that preinstalled on it with x2 the power of those abilities. This will basically be Warframe in a Subnautica nutshell.



NEPTUNE PLUTO SEDNA: I think we should just leave them alone since they got nothing special enough to put an open world in. Especially for Neptune since it's basically another Europa sharing the same tileset so I'm not even gonna talk about these, and the same goes for the Derelict, Void, Mercury, and Kuva Fortress, but you are free to have your own thoughts. It matters to me.


ERIS: Eris might be the only exception to this though but I could be wrong. Thankfully it's only just about half the size as Earth's moon so it wouldn't be too hard to put a small open world. But what I'm thinking is that in this twist there would be more underground exploration as you try to fight infested hives and monsters that dwell in there. The Myconians from the Glast Gambit quest should also make a return in this as well since it's possible by now that they have settled on the planet for research and colonization. But the infested is gonna let that go easily, they own the planet so they will try in every way to attack the Myconians as well as playing mind games with the Tenno and their warframes. The stakes will be higher even during missions which should make for great challenges and endgame content.


LUAThis is it, the most important place in the entire game of Warframe and Earth's very own moon houses a lot of important information to know about the story and its lore based on the Orokin and the Old War. It would be fitting to make this the final open world as this is the sacred place of the Tenno art and craft. In this world, you will face new threatening Sentients as well as Grineer and Corpus who are trying to seize this moon's power for themselves. For this type of thing, I would imagine there would be a Tenno base lead by Dax hidden only just slightly underground. Maybe by now DE has finished building their roster of prime Warframes and are willing to give it all away in relics acquirable in on Lua 😏,  mean it would make sense after all since this would be the place for veterans to enjoy their endgame (the thing that we've been so longing for for a while). But anyways as in terms of how this will go in the story, it's possible that Lua has an Orokin secret that could help us in defeating the Sentients once and for all and liberate the Origin System.


   Well, that's all I have to say for this though. These were all my ideas and predictions that I've been having for months about what could DE do with the open world expansions to Warframe. Let me know what you think and please give me your thoughts opinions on the subject matter so we can have a discussion. Please help me get this noticed, I worked really hard on it and I want it to be of major contribution to DE and the Warframe community. Thank you.


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I wanna bet on Mercury, the last in the same line of Earth and Venus, and the planet where we first have met the infested.

I imagine like a bunch of labs on the planet where all the failed experiments created the infested, and also there could be toxic wastes, dumping grounds and incinerators with various pipes and machinery.

So yea, an infested theme planet!

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@Heidelgard That sound about right. I forgot the infested still has a presence in Mercury. Now the one problem is the atmosphere of the planet. Mercury is very hot and the infested doesn't bode well with heat, and at night the planet gets freezing cold. Unless Grineer labs have already fixed temperature issues at least for the interiors then it would be pretty hard to even stay on that planet for prolonged periods of time. Maybe why the infested chose Eris.

But we could have incursions on there where staying out on the surface at night procs cold status while being overground during the day procs heat.

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Mercury will most likely be next. I think it would be interesting if they made an asteroid type open world where the infested and Grineer are fighting each other and either we have to help the Grineer keep them under control or try to keep them both from leaving the asteroid. Instead of a gate or elevator, the loading screen could be us flying there in archwings. 

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