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Elemental Particle FX on Melee Weapon Skins


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I recently purchased Rhino's Palatine bundle and was playing around with the hammer skin. When the skin was equipped, rather than having cool pink ice forming on my Fragor Prime, the cold damage would display the normal blue hue. I double checked my other melees with skins and found it was not exclusive to the cold elemental type, nor to the Palatine skin. At first, I thought it was just color, but many other skins seemed to be still utilizing the old particle effects, with sharp icicles forming on the Palatine skin, a lack of corrosive dripping on the sword and shield danaus skin, and no pulsing magnetic clouds when using the maruta tonfa skin. Apparently this bug has been around since the new particle FX release in October, as shown by the video posted below. I really enjoy the new particle effects and hope this can be fixed easily, as my fashion frame depends on it!


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