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More Ranged Weapons Needed! (Ideas)


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I have seen a lot of requests for chain/ ranged melee weapons and I was wondering if there was a way to get the DEgods to look into it because as I was searching through the forums I found a lot of asks about melee weapons with chains attached to them that would really suit the ninja/tenno style.


1st kusarigama

a traditional Japanese weapon that consists of a sythe on a metal chain with a grappling hook at the end.

(can be used to grapple enemies and drag them to you scorpion style)



2nd nunchaku (dual)

a traditional Okinawan weapon consisting of two sticks connected at one end with a short chain or rope.

(could go crazy with these on a large group of baddies like Bruce-lee)



3rd Kyoketsu-Shoge Knife

a double edged blade, This is attached to 12-18 feet of chain, or hair which then ends in a small metal ring.

(could have some god of war chaos blade attacks happening with it)



4th the Meteor Hammer

Meteor Hammer, is an ancient Chinese weapon, consisting at its most basic level of two weights connected by a rope or chain.

(just the thought of what rhino could do with these makes me shiver)



5th The Flying guillotine

The flying guillotine is a legendary Chinese ranged weapon used during the reign of the Yongzheng Emperor in the Qing Dynasty.

(Badass in every way I think of it)



I believe these would make for an awesome addition to the limited range melee weapons currently available at this moment


if you have more weapon ideas to add to this please do!

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Incorrect. Less weapons needed, more work on the game itself needed to make all curent weapons viable. Less glitches, more refined gameplay. More balanced frames and balance PvP without doing an outright nerf. No moar weaponsssss.


Ok, there is my 2 cents.

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