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Zaw project 2.0 done. i build the first 1152 Zaw combinations.


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I did it (again). I crafted all 1152 regular Zaw combinations.

Wasted Resources:





Link to the first Zaw Project:



Edit1: updating resourcetable later

Edit2: added resourcetable

Edited by Fraank
Edit3: added link of the first Zaw project
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12 hours ago, GnarlsDarkley said:

Can I have a fraction of your motivation, resources or commitment?

I gave up after 3 Kitguns lol




12 hours ago, --Q--PyralisTT said:

On the opposite end of the spectrum is me where I haven't farmed the resources to craft my first kitgun

i have cooked the fortuna stuff so far, but too lazy to level the stuff. but so far it isnt worth it.

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