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Dark Sectors conflict / clan wars.

(XBOX)Dark SalvationX

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All i ever hear is how amazing dark sectors were. Alot of people just want it back. Best game ever is used alot. It looks fun on YouTube. And i have 66k kills in conclave im getting bored, Need more pvp stuff I go through pve to fast, I have nothing left to do i have over 3000 game play hours its the same for most like me. We just want clan wars or some kind of pvevp. If you agree show this post some love it need to return.


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For PVE players, it was horrible.

Control of Dark Sectors flip-flopped constantly, triggering cumbersome notifications of new ownership whenever runming the nodes.

Only a select few alliances ever bothered with competing, and at least one of them always set trollish maximum tax rates (meaning those nodes were effectively closed for the duration of their ownership).

I don't ever want to see rail conflicts return without substantial changes to how they are implemented.


Now that I'm off work and no longer constrained by break-time, I would fully support the addition of clan/alliance-based PVPVE content. I just would not support any implementation where it has any noticeable effect on non-participating PVE players. For example, Rails might only provide bonus rewards to owners instead of taxing non-owners. This would give clans/alliances reason to fight over them, but have absolutely zero impact on anyone outside those clans/alliances.

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I would also like to know any update on this content , as there is Affinity that is locking new clans from gaining the highest clan rank due to the "Armastice" that has been in place for years.

Any update would be nice , or at least let us research the stuff for the affinity.



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