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Arbitrations - New Enemies should be added


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- Sentients

- Acoloytes

- Warframe Specters

Dont you guys think it will make the Gameplay and Arbitrations itself more Fun and interesting? 

For example at Round 10 A médium amount of Sentients or Acoloytes will appear

I am also surprised Arbitrations removed stalker from appearing -.-



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12 minutes ago, Voltage said:

Don't forget Datalysts, Artificers, Nightwatch, and other variants.

kudos for remembering those! I told people about them and they don't believe they exist, but I remember fighting them: Artificers look like Grineer pirates and wield Stugs, and Datalysts are Combas with yellow armour and wear Opulas Robes. we never got to see them reappear after that one event.. which is a shame as I thought they were both really cool.

personally I would add some special modes to some arbitrations, such as;

Sentient Survival: the Arbiters have anonymously reached out to the Sentients and informed them of your location, they will now send their fragments non-stop, you must survive against an infinite onslaught of Conculysts, Battalysts, and Mimics hidden throughout the map, stay alive for as long as possible (and maybe bring the Paracesis!) the sentients could also scale quicker and perhaps spawn with randomized adaptations thatyou may have to remove first, ensuring the Operator gets some use as well.

Acolyte Assault: a closed-map mode where you have a one-on-one fight against each of the Stalker's Acolytes, one after the other. they spawn at a high level and while you start with full energy, you don't get any pickups, forcing you to sue powers wisely. if you beat all the Acolytes, you then have to win a two-phase battle against the Stalker; defeat his shadow form, then he casts away his sentient shackles, draws his old weapons, and now you must fight the OG Stalker, as he was back in the day. modifiers could also be added to spice things up.

just idea anywy. I keep seeing people wanting "harder content", I'd like to see them thrown to some properly badass Sentients and see how long they can last!


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Personally I think they should toss out all the normal mob units and those immortal sentinels helping them out and just have the players fighting units comprised of all the mid tier boss units and Assassins like the NOX, Maniacs, Bursa, Juggernaut, Zanuka, Corrupted Vor, Stalker, Hyena, Gustrag 3....all the guys from both the Index and Ratthuum...Giant Rollerballs, Golden Maw, Lephantis, Sentients and Phorid running around ....Just throw the entire kitchen sink with the dryer and washer at the players in Arbitration...BUT...also include every reward and obscure mod that's near impossible to acquire...with great risk should come great reward

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Should be more special enemies from each faction as well. Right now it feels like it's just waves of the same 4 enemies over and over. Where are the Bursas? Juggernauts? Nox? Manics? Ambulas? Hyenas? Etc. I think these should at least be spawned in the C-rotations, on suitable tiles of course. This way people would have a reason to actually team up on specific enemies now and then instead of just going different ways. 

Btw, don't sentients still spawn randomly on Lua maps? I want to remember that I've seen this, but maybe I'm mixing it up with regular missions, or it may have been patched out.

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