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Tennobaum gifting to Cephalons


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I was having a normal-ish conversation in regional chat, all was well. And the subject of Tennobaum came up, and how much plat some people were spending.
And [DE]Kickbot, one who has always been so helpful to everyone, interjected by redirecting everyone to the market chat.

After a few seconds of bewilderment, people dismissed it as the AI putting together 20p as 20 plat offered in exchange for an item, a simple algorithm issue.

But something clicked to me. Kickbot, like all Cephalons (except Sark) believes in the season of giving and generosity. Poor Kickbot has possibly never, in his runtime had anyone give him anything.

That's obviously why they were so upset about our conversation.

I felt bad for the Cephalon, guilty even. So I walked to my Market console, and bought Kickbot a shiny new Valkyr!

Again, thank you Kickbot for always being there for us! Hope you have a wonderful Tennobaum!

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4 minutes ago, Letter13 said:

Just as an f.y.i it would be "[DE]Kickbot", not "Kickbot"


Basically you sent that stuff to arandom player who happened to have "Kickbot" as their alias, not the actual kickbot which is, just a bot and can't receive gifts...

Welp I guess we won't be seeing [DE]Kickbot chilling around in Valkyr Prime any time soon.

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