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It's A Wonderful Riven (a bit of a Tenno Christmas tale for you)

(XBOX)MechaBeowulf DW

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Note: I got a bit of a chuckle out of this, and I thought some of you might, too.

So, I got my hands on a Rifle Riven, and I decided to unlock it.  The requirement was to kill 30 enemies while sliding without failing a mission.  So, I popped the Riven on a rifle, equipped the Atterax (Spin to Win!) and went to the Star Chart to choose a mission.

The "Help Clem" mission was available, so I figured I'd hang out with everyone's favorite guardian Grineer.

Well, I accomplished the requirement easily enough, and the Riven was revealed as being meant for the...Uh, Clem, do you want to tell them?

Clem: "Grakata!"

That-a boy, Clem.  That-a boy. The Riven was a Grakata Hexa-acritak.

"Look, Daddy!  Teacher says every time a Riven is unveiled, an angel gets its wings a Clem gets his syandana!"

Well, this tortured "It's a Wonderful Life," reference has gone on long enough, so I'll just end it here.  Happy Holidays, Tenno.

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