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Underwater Fan on Desdemona Uranus stuck bug


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I think this is a bug, but i was trying to find last grineer cash while completing sabotage mission on Uranus in Desdemona. Once I got to the area I didn't realise there was a huge fan that would push anything in it's way up through the water. I got wedged in between the current and the rocks above. It was highly frustrating because I was in there for quite a while and I tried every physical action and weapon action to hopefully unwedge myself. Sadly in the end I had to forfeit the match. I will try to upload pictures of where I was on the map and my view. 😥🤦I was doing well.. all the much very sadness..

p.s. how do I upload my own pictures to show where I am at?? 😅😅😅🤦🤦🤦 I feel dumb

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