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Bounty Bugs. So many of them.

(XBOX)ExRay and Vav

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(Xbox One)

Not gonna lie, I am absolutely disgusted by the Fortuna release. I played the initial quest and thought this was gonna be an awesome addition, especially afterwards, when I checked out all the new stuff present in Fortuna. I totally wanted to try out the new Kitguns and Moa pets. 

Then...well...I decided to try doing bounties to try and get some standing. Tried five, didn’t complete a single one. Here’s some shining examples of my journey.

Bounty 1. Canister capture, final mission. Canisters refused to spawn, had to quit.

Bounty 2. Assassination, second mission. Enemies stopped spawning as soon as mission started. Timed out with less than 200 out of the 1000 required credits. Quit.

Bounty 3. Assassination, second mission. Enemies spawned, got the 1k credits, assassination target refused to spawn. Quit.

Bounty 4 and 5. Canister capture, second and third mission. Canisters refused to spawn. Had to quit.


Seriously DE, this is sad. I get that rare things come up, that can’t be helped, and seeing as its a free game, I expect a few super uncommon problems to pop up occasionally. This however is unacceptable. There’s a difference between something that appears every 100 hours of playtime, and bugs that literally prevent you from completing a single #*!%ing mission. Fix your god damn game. 

I don’t think there’s an exterminator out there that can kill all these bugs.

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