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Solaris United ops feels more like terrorism then resistance aid


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So before we discuss this, let's keep real world parallels to a minimum and attempt a civil discussion.  This topic was brought about because I feel like we're not liberating or defending the Solaris more than your average wrench throwing missions in the evil mustache twirling cliche enemies plans.  Much of the operations is typical of just stealing supplies and attacking the Corpus in the thousands or rescuing the same captured workers, but why are we bombing dignitaries?  Why are we engaging political and civilian targets outside the norm?  This is easier to ignore since there are no obvious non-combatant targets visualized but the concept remains that Fortuna is getting blacker or grayer than the cut and dry Cetus ones.

At what point does terrorism and freedom fighting cross the blur?  Usually when military objectives get sidelined for political or civilian targets to destabilise the region.  This is putting more thought into the situation than warranted but as gamers we should think about what we're doing rather than just doing whatever is handed to us on a plate.

Edit: My brother made a good point in that after the main quest, the Solaris technically accomplished their primary objective when Nef backed off with the Repos.  Why continue hostilities if you don't intend to honor the Corpus-Solaris accord yourself?

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2 hours ago, (PS4)abbacephas said:

One man's freedom fighting is another man's terrorist act. It's all about perspective.

Just because the Grineer are more militarized does not make our attacks on them and their installations any less acts of terrorism from their perspective.

That applies objectively to an ends-means logic, it doesn't make it any different if the methods and goals don't align.  Terrorism is aptly defined by sovereign bodies as a detrimental lable but ultimately target and objective execution is what seperates military terror ops from terrorism.  Another look is the perception of  justifiable homicide, which is almost universally thought of as self defense or proper use of force but is still judged differently by sovereign bodies.

This applies to the Solaris whose colonial history as indentured Corpus servants is unknown.  Did the Corpus conquer them, did they make a pact to receive cybernetic/machine augmentation to survive?  Was it started by the Orokin, free-ranging civilians, or as a Corpus institution?  This isn't like Cetus were the Ostron sovereignty isn't desputed and the Grineer are a perceivable threat to everyone since they are attacking them, you're a response force.

What are the goals of the Solaris in retrospect of the Corpus authority?  Do they want full autonomy, or are they just lashing back at Nef?  If nobody watched the intro trailer asking the Tenno for help, why would you go to Fortuna and take a side for a battle you don't know without orders or insight?  

I don't think the Grineer count Tenno incursions as terrorism.  It's wetwork stuff at most or just a military strike on bases.  However, if you were to detonate Famorian cores over Ceres or assassinate a Grineer Councilman, that's a political message to Grineer HC and whatever civilian population it has.  

This applies doubly for Fortuna since Corpus colonization is more prominent.  If escalation of force works as it is expected, board members and dignitaries dying can do the opposite of leaving a vacuum like Alad V where the response could be more than a patrolling Cruiser radiation bombing or virus striking the Solaris compound killing off the area.  They've proven that the Solaris as a workforce is replaceable and their faction is causing more damage than should be tolerated.  It won't happen for the sake of gameplay but logically the entire setup should have ended with Nef relenting unless you intend to "liberate" Orbis from Corpus authority.  Which isn't different from conquering unless the Solaris are truly what they could be.  Since I keep seeing ex military and convicts in the debt bond roster, I don't see Solaris as anything more than a Space Australian penal and labor colony.

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