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Mouse Camera movement Rough - Feels like camera is on lower resolution than the game


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Not sure if this should be here or in UI , but since it affects performance i am placing it here.


Camera movement feels too "gridlocked" there is lack of smoothness when moving camera and aiming.

This is specifically when moving camera with mouse and aiming in relatively small increments,

movement based camera (WASD) still feels smooth.

For better term i am going to describe it as "low resolution pixel locking" feels like mouse is following 540p pixels while game is running on 1080p (numbers used for reference only).

Tried changing graphic settings and mouse sensitivity but issue persists,

Reducing resolution makes the effect even worse and more obvious.

Issue very obvious on Vallis , Dojo and Orbiter.

Not sure if video will help as it is more of a Camera transition problem and may not be captured well on video.

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