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Arbritation defection


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A bit of rant, but i just wanted to give my feedback on defection arbritation.

The mission take way too long for my taste, 8 rescues for one rotation in arbritation is too much, not worth the time and energy put into it.

At least reduce it to 4 rescue for one rotation, it makes a waste of time and players will stay away from this kind of arbritation.

for what i noticed the same applies to normal mission, the rotation awarded every 4 rescues, so bug or intented purpose? maybe?

even with a full squad splitting to excort the kavors is nice to speed up the process but still, with goofy path for the AI, random blocking and grabs from infested, always this one guy in the kavor lagging behind...

as i said, too much time and not worth doing it, even if you do like the defection mission



i tried the infested salvage arbritation, and i have to say i was impressed i forgot the mission even existed, but the mission mechanic is well done, a bit clunky without a nekros but the pace is good, the mission is fast, high risk high return...

defection could learn from it if it wants improvements

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That's kinda insane that it takes 8 rescues for a single rotation. All the other Arbitrations only double the rotation requirements; regular Defection missions are 2 sqauds rescued for a rotation, so it is currently quadrupled.
On top of how Defection is the slowest, most tedious, and one of the most hated game modes, I don't understand why they decided to makes it 8 rescues in the first place.

I've already been avoiding the Defection Arbitrations without knowing how long the rotations are, but now I'm gonna like super-avoid them!

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