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WTS Mutalist Cernos, Grakata, Scoliac, and [NEWLY ADDED] Nami Skyla Rivens

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I have some Rivens I've had trouble selling on trade chat, so here I am. All are currently unranked, though maxed stats will be listed in parentheses. 

Mutalist Cernos, MR14, 4 cycles:

  • +28.4% (255.7%) Crit Chance
  • +8.5% (76.2%) Damage to Infested
  • +6.2% (55.6%) Recoil

Looking for around 25 plat, or something of around that value. I'm interested in the Mantis Fuselage or Prime Junk

Grakata, MR13, 3 cycles:

  • +10.6% (95.6%) Multishot
  • +14.1% (126.6%) Crit Damage

Looking for around 200 plat, though i'm willing to be flexible with my price

Scoliac, MR12, 1 cycle:

  • +1.1s (10s) Combo Duration
  • +11.6% (104.6%) Toxin Damage
  • +22.5% (202.9%) Melee Damage
  • -5.1% (45.8%) Damage to Grineer

Looking for around 575 plat, though i'm also open for offers on this one too.

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