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Catchmoon bug and experimenting


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So when I built my first catchmoon I immediately noticed that the projectile would not hit enemies that are too close to me at no fault of my own skill. However, it would hit enemies that are far away. At first I thought this was an intended feature. But then, I noticed that at times it wouldn't even deal damage to enemies that are a bit further away as well at times. So it lead me to believe that this was a bug. I did eventually notice that everyone was using the same setup for their catchmoon, meanwhile I had a completely different one (everyone as in youtube/twitch content creators).

So, I did a tiny bit of experimenting (not a lot due to resource requirements of course) and this is what I've came up with:

First Catchmoon (the buggy one) :

chamber : catchmoon

loader: bashrack

grip: gibber

the gibbers stats of increasing fire rate AND increasing range for BEAM weapons seems to be applying incorrectly to the catchmoon chamber. Note. the catchmoon is not a beam weapon. So, in other words, even though the catchmoon is not a beam weapon, the gibber is attempting to give the catchmmon the beam weapon stat buffs. At least that's my first theory.

The second theory with this is.. maybe if you have too much fire rate on the catchmoon, the projectiles will not deal damage to enemies who are too close to the "spawn point". In fact, I've noticed that with some enemies who are right up against you (i.e. melee units) the damage projectile from the catchmoon will even spawn out BEHIND that melee unit. But, all in all -- the projectiles will go through the target but not deal damage to the target at no fault of the shooters accuracy with the above combination.

I believe that both theories may be correct. After building my second catchmoon, I noticed that the projectile slowed very very slightly allowing it to hit enemies who are close to the projectile spawn point. By purposely using a grip that lowers the fire rate and minimum range for beam weapons, all issues with the catchmoon were instantly fixed. But, note that I've been mentioning the beam weapon portions of these constructions. This is because I have one final theory as to why my first catchmoon is acting this way. Mabye, possibly, the catchmoons damage projectiles were scripted to have the damage type and possibly behavior of that of a beam weapons laser? Since, like I said before -- the projectile slowed very slightly on the second build. The projectile seems to have gotten smaller visually as well, however hits harder of course.

Second catchmoon ( The fixed one):

Chamber: catchmoon

loader: bashrack

grib: haymaker

Like I said, I only did a very small amount of testing so I was not able to do a full test. To truthfully do a full test that would mean building the catchmoon with each different gribs, with also each different loaders. And I for one do not have the resources to do a full truthful test right now. So, my apologies.

TLDR - first catchmoon combination may be bugged -- second catchmoon combination isn't bugged.

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