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Host migration in Fortuna causing permanent npc companions


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Hello, today i went to do some bounties, joined a public-party with 100+ ping, got frozen and had to leave squad = host migration.


- No idea how to recreate this bug - hostage had actual AI- to use weapons if they had one -
Loaded in all fine, bounty quest mid way etc., then i noticed my gearwheel was empty, so i ran over to the bounty spot (find solaris camp-save hostages).
What suprised me there was the solaris hostages throwing a welcome party for me (outside of the jail).

Finished the quest, and the hostages seemed to have taken a liking to me, so i had to humour them for the rest of the trip (they legit stuck around until i finished a few more quests and went into the elevator)

I recorded the trip but it ended up choppier than the onion i put in my soup, so i'll just throw in some pictures.

Google drive link for the pictures: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15UUu11BJnhcicB0m28BFj5ZJWLQ5DlMs

Merry space ninja- christmass 🎅


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