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Host Migration Problems


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Ok so check the screenshots (at the bottom), and i'm sure you can guess the problem.

Basically, i play 40 minutes of fissure with mag prime (not that fun) for the sake of mr grinding, and a host migration as we are about to extract (I suppose, not a very chat-active team), and the mission summary shows that i've lost all rewards, but at least my arsenal took exp and bonus exp.

Then I get back to my orbiter, and I get a message from Ordis, which acknowledges my loss, and gives me 4 prime drops.

Remember when i stated the length of the mission ? Yeah, 40 minutes gives you 8 drops, not 4.

Then I think, whatever; it sucks but mr grinding was my main goal and summary says that i've gained a good amount of levels on both my frame and weapons, so I check my arsenal.


This is so boring because it isn't the first time it happened.

I can't fail classes because I procrastinate by playing warframe and ALSO make no progress on the game, it's a waste of time in general.

Please DE, make the game playable, the abysmal drop rates are at least part of the experience, but host migration is truly a sin in warframe.

P.S.: I wasn't the only one because a squad member expressed his surprise in the chat after the mission ended.


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The images aren't appearing but I have a couple questions. Did you check to see if the other four items were in your inventory as well? Most of the time, I do not get messages about the items being placed back into my possession but when I go to check myself, everything is there.

Are you playing on a Laptop and using wifi? If that's the case your best bet to reduce the amount of host migrations would be to use a hard wire connection. 

I would recommend using the option to turn on seeing your fps because it also displays your ping. If someone is hosting and that ping is looking high as hell, save yourself the pain and just abort. 

Also for the exp, I'm not sure if zendesk is able to fix that but it's worth a shot. 

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