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Toroids and Pigment drops aren't always being registered


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I noticed this when toroid farming recently. Got a Resource booster from the daily tribute, it says im getting 2x from the pickup, but on the mission progress screen it isn't showing my total. Picked up 3 or 4 x2 Toroids, only showed 4 in rewards, should've at least been 6. Picked up 4 x2 pigments (should've been 40, only showed as 20).

EDIT: It's possible this is unrelated to the resource booster, and that certain toroid/pigment drops aren't registering at all for some reason. Tried relogging and it seems to be working properly now, or maybe it's because I'm checking my mission progress after each pickup. Unsure.

It's possible some interaction between a (daily tribute) resource booster, Pilfering Swarm, Smeeta buff, or jumping out of kdrive/archwing is causing it.


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