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Dojo, which is probably not enough for construction.


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I am very glad that the dojo is developing and especially the construction.
Himself constantly use this process and built a lot of interesting things.
But during in this mode, I realized that for the convenience of a lot of things missing.

1) For example, to copy the objects. Copy one object is not very convenient.
If I make any columns out of small parts. And then you have to repeat this procedure several times. I want to be able to copy all at once.

2) spawn Point in the room. The player appears in the texture and maybe the funds to go beyond the territory that I brought.
And as a means of this can spoil the idea. It would be cool to put special objects for their appearance. That would be very helpful.

Are there any consonants to me? and can fans to build will add what was lacking for convenience. 😃

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