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how to build Hek



So i'm new to this game, and i have always been absolute S#&$ at making coherent builds. now i'm on Pluto and my Hek just can't get through anything Corpus related above level 30. I currently have max rank Point Blank, max rank Flechette and max rank Blunderbuss on it, what do i do from here that can be done on things pre-pluto (since i can't currently get through it)?

Edit: another question i just remembered, would it be good to put an Orokin Catalyst on my Hek, or are those so rare that waiting till i get a Vaykor Hek would be better (though, seeing as i'm only MR6, that'll be a while)

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Normal Hek is a status weapon with a Riven Mod, and a high damage/multishot weapon without one. It has an augment that adds Multishot:


I would look at trying to acquire this mod.

Otherwise, I would just stack Damage, Multishot and elemental mods.

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At that point you'll more than likely have access to relic farming, thus forma farming and building. All these mods are obtainable through starchart material, if anything Scattered Justice would be the most inconvenient as it's from syndicate ranking, but I'll leave that up to you.

Hek can only go status if you have Nano applicator (currently not farmable) or a riven with at least 60% status chance in it, then you could use Shell shock, Toxic barrage, Frigid Blast and Scattering Inferno to meet the 100% status threshold that shotguns like Hek need (if it has 100% status chance, all its pellets will proc a damage type).


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32 minutes ago, (NSW)Swatdude64 said:

I currently have max rank Point Blank, max rank Flechette and max rank Blunderbuss on it

Physical damage (aka IPS, for Impact / Puncture / Slash) Mods like Flechette are highly situational at best,
you'll want elemental damage Mods instead 99% of the time (when in doubt, go Corrosive via Electricity + Toxin).

Unlike the Vaykor variant, regular Hek isn't a Crit weapon so Blunderbuss isn't gonna give you much, either.

One must-have Mod for any Shotgun would be Hell's Chamber (+Multishot), and yeah, the Augment
for even more Multishot goodness plus heals plus Armor boosts plus AoE damage plus CC, can't go wrong with that lol.

Stuff like Blaze and Seeking Fury is also nifty.

In general, for any weapon, you could check Warframe Builder for builds,
see what Mods keep popping up, and then look up the drop locations for those Mods on the Wiki.

33 minutes ago, (NSW)Swatdude64 said:

would it be good to put an Orokin Catalyst on my Hek

Eh, just might be worth it, a well-modded Hek can carry you pretty far.

Catalysts aren't incredibly rare, keep an eye out (maybe via an App) for Alerts / Invasions rewarding those.
Also, every Devstream (every 2 weeks usually) has 24 hour "Gift Of The Lotus" Alerts afterwards,
you'll be getting plenty of Catalysts / Reactors from those.

(Also, it's a mere 20 Plat in the Market, that's not hard to make via Trading,
you can sell spare Prime parts / rare Mods / whatnot to other players.)

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